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Titolo: MIM Capacitor_related early-stage field failures
Data di pubblicazione: 2012
Citazione: MIM Capacitor_related early-stage field failures / LU J; CAO B; WU W; DAI Y; HUANG C; MURA G. - 52(2012), pp. 2073-2076.
Abstract: Several early-stage field failures in systems mounting GaAs MMICs were specifically related to MIM capacitor failures. Failure analysis, in turn, classified the failed cases into three main categories, all referred to some weakness in the technological process. The relevant point is that such weak devices can reach the field at such a large scale, despite the very well known nature of their weakness. Ineffective screening at the Manufacturer's plant is indicted for the problem. Lifetime prediction is attempted, on the user side, based on the detectability of the weak population
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