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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)RivistaEditore
Peculiar failure mechanisms in GaN power transistors2020Vanzi, M.; Mura, G.MICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
Analysis of counterfeit electronics2020Mura, G.; Murru, R.; Martines, G.MICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
Optical gain in laser diodes with null reflectivity2019Vanzi, M.; Mura, G.; Rampulla, A.; Marchetti, R.; Sanna Valle, V.; Uenoc, Y.MICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
Further improvements of an extended Hakki-Paoli method2018Vanzi, M.; Mura, G.; Martines, G.MICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
Catastrophic Optical Damage of GaN-Based Diode Lasers: Sequence of Events, Damage Pattern, and Comparison with GaAs-Based Devices2018Tomm, Jens W.; Kernke, Robert; Mura, Giovanna; Vanzi, Massimo; Hempel, Martin; Acklin, BrunoJOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC MATERIALS
Optical gain beyond Hakki-Paoli. a new power tool for reliability of laser diodes2018Vanzi, M.; Mura, G.; Sanna Valle, V.SPIE
From automotive to space qualification: Overlaps, gaps and possible convergence2018Vaion, R. Enrici; Medda, M.; Mancaleoni, A.; Mura, G.IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
Reliability concerns from the gray market2018Mura, GiovannaMICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
Comparison of catastrophic optical damage events in GaAs- and GaN-based diode lasers2017Tomm, J. W.; Kernke, R.; Mura, G.; Vanzi, M.; Hempel, M.IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
Investigation of the time-dependent failure of InGaN-based LEDs submitted to reverse-bias stress2017De Santi, Carlo; Meneghini, Matteo; Renso, Nicola; Buffolo, Matteo; Trivellin, Nicola; Mura, Giov...anna; Vanzi, Massimo; Migliori, Andrea; Morandi, Vittorio; Meneghesso, Gaudenzio; Zanoni, EnricoPROCEEDINGS OF SPIE, THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR OPTICAL ENGINEERINGSPIE
Practical optical gain by an extended Hakki-Paoli method2017Vanzi, M.; Marcello, G.; Mura, G.; Le Galès, G.; Joly, S.; Deshayes, Y.; Bechou, L.MICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
Analytical model for the I-V characteristics of fresh and degraded commercial LEDs2017Mura, G.; E., Miranda
Qualification extension of automotive smart power and digital ICs to harsh aerospace mission profiles: Gaps and opportunities2017Enrici Vaion, R.; Medda, M.; Mancaleoni, A.; Mura, G.; Pintus, A.; De Tomasi, M.MICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
Extended Modal Gain Measurement in DFB Laser Diodes2017Vanzi, M; Marcello, G; Mura, G; Le Gales, G; Joly, S; Deshayes, Y; Bechou, LIEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS
Analysis of GaN based high-power diode lasers after singular degradation events2017Mura, Giovanna; Vanzi, Massimo; Hempel, Martin; Tomm, Jens W.PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI. RAPID RESEARCH LETTERS
ESD tests on 850 nm GaAs-based VCSELs2016Vanzi, Massimo; Mura, Giovanna; Marcello, Giulia; Xiao, K.MICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
Single Event Transient acquisition and mapping for space device Characterization2016Pilia, Roberta; Bascoul, Guillaume; Sanchez, Kevin; Mura, Giovanna; Infante, FulvioMICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
Logics of Failure Analysis: 20 Years of rules of the Rue Morgue2016Mura, Giovanna; Vanzi, MassimoInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Reverse bias degradation of metal wrap through silicon solar cells2016Barbato, M.; Barbato, A.; Meneghini, M.; Cester, A.; Mura, Giovanna; Tonini, D.; Voltan, A.; Cell...ere, G.; Meneghesso, G.SOLAR ENERGY MATERIALS AND SOLAR CELLS
Nanoscale Investigation of Degradation and Wavelength Fluctuations in InGaN-Based Green Laser Diodes2016De Santi, Carlo; Meneghini, Matteo; Gachet, David; Mura, Giovanna; Vanzi, Massimo; Meneghesso, Ga...udenzio; Zanoni, EnricoIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NANOTECHNOLOGY
Side-Mode Excitation in Single-Mode Laser Diodes2016Vanzi, Massimo; Xiao, K.; Marcello, Giulia; Mura, GiovannaIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON DEVICE AND MATERIALS RELIABILITY
Clamp voltage and ideality factor in laser diodes2015Vanzi, M.; Mura, G.; Marcello, G.; Martines, G.MICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
Proton irradiation effects on commercial laser diodes2015Marcello, Giulia; Mura, Giovanna; Vanzi, Massimo; Bagatin, Marta; Gerardin, Simone; Paccagnella, ...AlessandroInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Reliability issues in Optical Emitters2015Vanzi, Massimo; Mura, GiovannaIEEE Computer Society
Stress-induced instabilities of shunt paths in high efficiency MWT solar cells2015Barbato, M. ; Meneghini, M. ; Cester, A. ; Barbato, A. ; Zanoni, E. ; Meneghesso, G. ; Mura, G. ;... Tonini, D. ; Voltan, A. ; Cellere, G.
Degradation mechanisms and lifetime of state-of-the-art green laser diodes2015Marioli, M; Meneghini, M; Rossi, F; Salviati, G; de Santi, C; Mura, G; Meneghesso, G; Zanoni EPHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI. A, APPLICATIONS AND MATERIALS SCIENCE
Ideality factor and threshold voltage in laser diodes2014Vanzi M; MURA G; Marcello G
Microscopic-scale investigation of the degradation of InGaN-based laser diodes submitted to electrical stress2014Meneghini M; Carraro S; Meneghesso G; Trivellin N; Mura G; Rossi F; Salviati G; Holc K; Weig T; S...chade L; Karunakaran M; Wagner J; Schwarz U T; Zanoni ESPIE, the international society for optics and photonics
Reliability prediction and real world for LED lamps2014MURA G; VANZI MIEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.)
Influence of shunt resistance on the performance of an illuminated string of solar cells: Theory, simulation, and experimental analysis2014Barbato M.; Meneghini M; Cester A; MURA G; Zanoni E; Meneghesso GIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON DEVICE AND MATERIALS RELIABILITY
FIB-induced electro-optical alterations in a DFB InP laser diode2014Mura G; Vanzi M; Marcello GMICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
Faulty failure analyses2013MURA G; VANZI MIEEE
The role of the optical trans-characteristics in laser diode analysis2013Mura G.; VANZI M; Marcello G.; Cao R.MICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
Optical losses in single-mode laser diodes2013Vanzi M; Mura G.; Marongiu M.; Tomasi T.MICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
“Hot-plugging” of led modules: electrical characterization and device degradation2013Dal Lago M; Meneghini M; Trivellin N; Mura G; Vanzi M; Meneghesso G; Zanoni EMICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
Early stages of the mechanical alloying of TiC-TiN powder mixtures2013Mura G; Musu E; Delogu FMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Thermal and electrical investigation of the reverse bias degradation of silicon solar cells2013COMPAGNIN A; MENEGHINI M; BARBATO M; GILIBERTO V; CESTER A; VANZI M; MURA G; ZANONI E; MENEGHESSO GMICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
Formation of metastable solid solutions by mechanical alloying of immiscible Ag and Bi2013Musu E.; MURA G; Ligios G.; Delogu F.JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS
Degradation of InGaN/GaN laser diodes investigated by micro-cathodoluminescence and micro-photoluminescence2013M. MENEGHINI; S. CARRARO; G. MENEGHESSO; N. TRIVELLIN; MURA G; F. ROSSI; G. SALVIATI; K. HOLC; T.... WEIG; L. SCHADE; M. A. KARUNAKARAN; J. WAGNER; U. T. SCHWARZ; AND E. ZANONIAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS
Chip and package-related degradation of high power white LEDs2012Meneghini M; Dal Lago M; Trivellin N; MURA G; Vanzi M; Menegnesso G; Zanoni EMICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
MIM Capacitor_related early-stage field failures2012LU J; CAO B; WU W; DAI Y; HUANG C; MURA GMICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
Phosphors for LED-based light sources: Thermal properties and reliability issues2012Dal Lago M; Meneghini M; Trivellin N; Mura G; Vanzi M; Meneghesso G; Zanoni EMICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
External cavity ITLA degradation2012MURA G; M.Vanzi; G.Martines; T.Tomasi; R.Cao; M.Marongiu
A novel degradation mechanism of AlGaN/GaN/Silicon heterostructures related to the generation of interface traps2012M. Meneghini; M. Bertin; G. dal Santo; A. Stocco; A. Chini; D. Marcon; P.E. Malinowski; MURA G; E.... Musu; M. Vanzi; G. Meneghesso; E. Zanoni
DC parameters for laser diodes from experimental curves2011Vanzi M; Mura G; Martines GMICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITYElsevier
Degradation mechanisms of white LEDs for lighting applications2010M.MENEGHINI; M. DAL LAGO; L. RODIGHIERO; MURA G; M. VANZI; G. MENEGHESSO
Faulty Failure Analyses2010G.MURA; VANZI M
The interpretation of the DC characteristics of LED and laser diodes to address their failure analysis2010Mura G; Vanzi MMICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY
Analysis of the degradation of AlGaN-based deep-ultraviolet LEDs2009Meneghesso G; Meneghini M; Trivellin N; Rodighiero L; Mura G; Vanzi M; Zanoni E
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