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Titolo: [Gastric transit of a radiolabelled liquid meal in a group of patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus]
Data di pubblicazione: 1989
Abstract: The functional alterations in the digestive tract observable during diabetes mellitus are frequent albeit often asymptomatic. They affect several different districts and are still not clearly defined aetiopathogenetically. It was therefore decided to evaluate the gastric transit times of a balanced liquid meal labelled with 99-Tc-colloidal sulphide in a group of patients suffering from insulin-dependent diabetes and in a group of 10 controls. The anatomical integrity of the oesophago-gastro-duodenal tract has been evaluated by endoscopy and histology. Transit times (T/2) proved significantly increased in diabetics (92.38 +/- 33.397 minutes) compared to the controls (48.63 +/- 16.423 minutes), p 0.001. No correlation was observed between gastric transit times, duration of the diabetic disease, degree of glyco-metabolic compensation and presence of autonomous neuropathy.
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