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Functional electrical stimulation for foot drop in post-stroke people: quantitative effects on step-to-step symmetry of gait using a wearable inertial sensor2021Schifino, Giulia; Cimolin, Veronica; Pau, Massimiliano; da Cunha, Maira Jaqueline; Leban, Bruno; ...Porta, Micaela; Galli, Manuela; Pagnussat, Aline SouzaSENSORS
Characterization of hand forces exerted during non-powered hospital bed pushing and pulling tasks2021Leban, Bruno; Fabbri, D; Lecca, L I; Uras, M; Monticone, M; Porta, M; Pau, M; Campagna, MINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND ERGONOMICS
Kinematic Analysis of Lower Limb Joint Asymmetry during Gait in People with Multiple Sclerosis2021Pau, Massimiliano; Leban, Bruno; Deidda, Michela; Putzolu, Federica; Porta, Micaela; Coghe, Gianc...arlo; Cocco, EleonoraSYMMETRY
Lower Limb Kinematics in Individuals with Hip Osteoarthritis during Gait: A Focus on Adaptative Strategies and Interlimb Symmetry2021Porta, Micaela; Pau, Massimiliano; Leban, Bruno; Deidda, Michela; Sorrentino, Marco; Arippa, Fede...rico; Marongiu, GiuseppeBIOENGINEERING
Use of wrist-worn accelerometers to quantify bilateral upper limb activity and asymmetry under free-living conditions in people with multiple sclerosis2021Pau, Massimiliano; Leban, Bruno; Deidda, Michela; Porta, Micaela; Coghe, Giancarlo; Cattaneo, Dav...ide; Cocco, EleonoraMULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND RELATED DISORDERS
Age-Related Changes in Smoothness of Gait of Healthy Children and Early Adolescents2020Leban, Bruno; Cimolin, Veronica; Porta, Micaela; Arippa, Federico; Pilloni, Giuseppina; Galli, Ma...nuela; Pau, MassimilianoJOURNAL OF MOTOR BEHAVIOR
Changes in symmetry during gait in adults with Prader-Willi syndrome2020Cimolin, Veronica; Pau, Massimiliano; Cau, Nicola; Leban, Bruno; Porta, Micaela; Capodaglio, Paol...o; Sartorio, Alessandro; Grugni, Graziano; Galli, ManuelaCOMPUTER METHODS IN BIOMECHANICS AND BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING
Effect of fatigue on postural sway in sport-specific positions of young rhythmic gymnasts2020Pau, Massimiliano; Laconi, Isabella; Leban, BrunoSPORT SCIENCES FOR HEALTH
Smoothness of Gait in Healthy and Cognitively Impaired Individuals: A Study on Italian Elderly Using Wearable Inertial Sensor2020Pau, Massimiliano; Mulas, Ilaria; Putzu, Valeria; Asoni, Gesuina; Viale, Daniela; Mameli, Irene; ...Leban, Bruno; Allali, GillesSENSORS
Symmetry of Gait in Underweight, Normal and Overweight Children and Adolescents2019Cimolin, Veronica; Cau, Nicola; Sartorio, Alessandro; Capodaglio, Paolo; Galli, Manuela; Tringali..., Gabriella; Leban, Bruno; Porta, Micaela; Pau, MassimilianoSENSORS
Postural Strategies of Bus Drivers During a Regular Work Shift in Urban Area: A Pilot Study2019Arippa, Federico; Leban, Bruno; Pau, MassimilianoSAGE
Mixed reality for industrial applications: interactions in human-machine system and modelling in immersive virtual environment2019Bruzzone, A. G.; Fancello, G.; Daga, M.; Leban, B.; Massei, M.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SIMULATION & PROCESS MODELLING
Dynamic postural stability, is associated with competitive level, in youth league soccer players2019Pau, Massimiliano; Porta, Micaela; Arippa, Federico; Pilloni, Giuseppina; Sorrentino, Marco; Cart...a, Marco; Mura, Mauro; Leban, BrunoPHYSICAL THERAPY IN SPORT
Analysis of discomfort during a 4-hour shift in quay crane operators objectively assessed through in-chair movements2019Leban, Bruno; Arippa, Federico; Fancello, Gianfranco; Fadda, Paolo; Pau, MassimilianoSpringer Nature Switzerland
Influence of trajectory and gender on pushing-pulling forces when maneuvering beds in actual hospital paths2019Leban, B.; Lecca, L. I.; Fabbri, D.; Campagna, M.; Pau, M.MATERIALS TODAY: PROCEEDINGS
Trunk rotation alters postural sway but not gait in female children and early adolescents: Results from a school-based screening for scoliosis2018Pau, Massimiliano; Leban, Bruno; Pilloni, Giuseppina; Porta, Micaela; Cubeddu, Fabio; Secci, Clau...dio; Piras, Veronica; Monticone, MarcoGAIT & POSTURE
Influence of school schedules on physical activity patterns in primary school children: a case study in Italy2017Pau, Massimiliano; Corona, Federica; Leban, Bruno; Piredda, S; Vacca, Mm; Mura, GioiaJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY & HEALTH
Lower Limb Force, Velocity, Power Capabilities during Leg Press and Squat Movements2017Padulo, Johnny; Migliaccio, Gian Mario; Ardigò, Luca Paolo; Leban, Bruno; Cosso, Marco; Samozino,... PierreINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPORTS MEDICINE
Changes in trunk sway of quay crane operators during work shift: a possible marker for fatigue?2017Leban, B; Fancello, G; Fadda, P; Pau, MAPPLIED ERGONOMICS
School-based screening of plantar pressures during level walking with a backpack among overweight and obese schoolchildren2016Pau M; Leban B; Corona F; Gioi S; Nussbaum MAERGONOMICS
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