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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)RivistaEditore
SODA: a new questionnaire for the assessment of life satisfaction in late life span2020Fastame, M. C.; Penna, M. P.; Hitchcott, P. K.AGING CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH
Cognitive Flexibility Inventory: Factor structure, invariance, reliability, convergent, and discriminant validity among Italian university students2020Portoghese, I.; Lasio, M.; Conti, R.; Mascia, M. L.; Hitchcott, P.; Agus, M.; Gemignani, A.; Penn...a, M. P.PSYCH JOURNAL
Self-reported physical and mental health and motor functioning in elders with and without Parkinson’s disease2019Hitchcott, Paul Kenneth; Fastame, Maria Chiara; Corona, Federica; Pilloni, Giuseppina; Porta, Mic...aela; Pau, Massimiliano; Conti, Rachele; Penna, Maria PietronillaPSYCHOLOGY, HEALTH & MEDICINE
Metacognition and errors: the impact of self-regulatory trainings in children with specific learning disabilities2019Lucangeli, D.; Fastame, M. C.; Pedron, M.; Porru, A.; Duca, V.; Hitchcott, P. K.; Penna, M. P.ZDM – THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL ON MATHEMATICS EDUCATION
Numeracy Skills and Self-Reported Mental Health in People Aging Well2019Fastame, M. C.; Manca, C.; Penna, M. P.; Lucangeli, D.; Hitchcott, P. K.PSYCHIATRIC QUARTERLY
Memory, subjective memory and motor functioning in non-demented elders with and without Parkinson’s disease2019Fastame, Maria Chiara; Hitchcott, Paul Kenneth; Corona, Federica; Pilloni, Giuseppina; Porta, Mic...aela; Pau, Massimiliano; Penna, Maria PietronillaEUROPE'S JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY
Psychometric methods: the need for new conceptual advances2018Penna, Maria Pietronilla; Agus, Mirian; Hitchcott, Paul Kenneth; Pessa, ElianoMEASUREMENT
Resilience in Elders of the Sardinian Blue Zone: An Explorative Study2018Fastame, Maria Chiara; Hitchcott, Paul Kenneth; MULAS, ILARIA; RUIU, MARILENA; Penna, Maria Pietr...onillaBEHAVIORAL SCIENCES
Texting While Walking Induces Gait Pattern Alterations in Healthy Older Adults2018Pau, M; Porta, M; Pilloni, G; Corona, F; Fastame, M. C.; Hitchcott, P. K.; Penna, M. P.Sage
More to blue zones than long life: Positive psychological characteristics2018Hitchcott, Paul Kenneth; Fastame, Maria Chiara; Penna, Maria PietronillaHEALTH RISK & SOCIETY
The impact of leisure on mental health of Sardinian elderly from the ‘blue zone’: evidence for ageing well2018Fastame, MARIA CHIARA; Hitchcott, PAUL KENNETH; Penna, MARIA PIETRONILLAAGING CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH
Sex-dependent and sex-independent muscle activation patterns in adult gait as a function of age2018Bailey, Christopher A.; Corona, Federica; Pilloni, Giuseppina; Porta, Micaela; Fastame, Maria Chi...ara; Hitchcott, Paul Kenneth; Penna, Maria Pietronilla; Pau, Massimiliano; Côté, Julie N.EXPERIMENTAL GERONTOLOGY
The probabilistic reasoning in 'real-world' context: some reflections about the judgement in medical problem solving2018Agus, M.; Hitchcott, P. K.; Peró-Cebollero, M. Maribel; Guàrdia-Olmos, J.; Penna, M. P.Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Does social desirability influence psychological well-being: perceived physical health and religiosity of Italian elders? A developmental approach2017Fastame, MC.; Hitchcott, PK.; Penna, MPAGING & MENTAL HEALTH
L'invecchiamento di successo dei sardi continua dopo i cent'anni?2017Fastame, Mc; Hitchcott, Pk; Penna, Mp
Psychological Well-Being in Italian Families: An Exploratory Approach to the Study of Mental Health Across the Adult Life Span in the Blue Zone.2017Hitchcott, PAUL KENNETH; Fastame, MARIA CHIARA; Ferrai, J; Penna, MARIA PIETRONILLAEUROPE'S JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY
Are static and dynamic balance abilities correlated with handgrip strength in healthy elderly?2017Pau, Massimiliano; Corona, Federica; Caggiari, Silvia; Fastame, MARIA CHIARA; Hitchcott, PAUL KEN...NETH; Panu, G; Penna, MARIA PIETRONILLAINNOVATION IN AGING
Sardinian elders: successful aging and psychosocial correlates despite response bias.2017Hitchcott, PAUL KENNETH; C, Fastame M.; Desogus, Simona; Conti, Rachele; Penna, MARIA PIETRONILLAINNOVATION IN AGING
Cognitive failures in late adulthood: The role of age, social context and depressive symptoms2017Hitchcott, Paul Kenneth; Fastame, Maria Chiara; Langiu, Dalila; Penna, Maria PietronillaPLOS ONE
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