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Learning from the past in the COVID-19 era: rediscovery of quarantine, previous pandemics, origin of hospitals and national healthcare systems, and ethics in medicine2020Bassareo, Pier Paolo; Melis, Maria Rosaria; Marras, Silvia; Calcaterra, GiuseppePOSTGRADUATE MEDICAL JOURNAL
Pulmonary hypertension in pediatrics. A feasible approach to bridge the gap between real world and guidelines2019Calcaterra, G.; Bassareo, P. P.; Barilla, F.; Martino, F.; Fanos, V.; Fedele, F.; Romeo, F.THE JOURNAL OF MATERNAL-FETAL & NEONATAL MEDICINE
Supraventricular tachycardia during the first year of life: is subclinical inflammation the trigger?2018Bassareo, PIER PAOLO; Fanos, Vassilios; Pala, Mario; Antonucci, Luca; Neroni, Paola; Antonucci, R...oberto; Mercuro, GuseppeTHE JOURNAL OF MATERNAL-FETAL & NEONATAL MEDICINE
Pharmacological treatment of vagal hyperactivity, a rare but potentially fatal cause of sudden cardiac death2018Bassareo, PIER PAOLO; Cocco, Daniele; Bassareo, Valentina; Bandino, Stefano; Mercuro, GiuseppeMINI-REVIEWS IN MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY
Abnormal atrial activation at surface electrocardiogram examination in born underweight young adults2018Bassareo, Pp; Namana, V; Puddu, M; Marras, S; Fanos, V; Mercuro, GJOURNAL OF ATRIAL FIBRILLATION
Impaired endothelial function in hereditary angioedema during the symptom-free period2018Firinu, Davide; Bassareo, Pier P.; Zedda, Angela M.; Barca, Maria P.; Crisafulli, Antonio; Mercur...o, Giuseppe; Del Giacco, StefanoFRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY
Considerations about: "Prevalence of hypertension and hypertension phenotypes by age and gender among schoolchildren in Greece: The Healthy Growth Study€"2017Bassareo, PIER PAOLO; Mercuro, GiuseppeATHEROSCLEROSIS
Metabolomics and Cardiology: Toward the Path of Perinatal Programming and Personalized Medicine2017Pintus, Roberta; Bassareo, PIER PAOLO; Dessi', Angelica; Deidda, Martino; Mercuro, Giuseppe; Fano...s, VassiliosBIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL
Impaired central arterial elasticity in young adults born with intrauterine growth restriction2017Bassareo, PIER PAOLO; Saba, Luca; Puddu, Melania; Fanos, Vassilios; Mercuro, GiuseppeINTERNATIONAL ANGIOLOGY
Premature vascular deterioration in young patients affected by Wilson's disease: a pilot study2017Kouvelas, Georgios; Bassareo, Pp; Pisano, Valentina; Demelia, L; Nurchi, Am; Mercuro, G.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC AND NEONATAL INDIVIDUALIZED MEDICINE
The perioperative dental screening and management of patients undergoing cardiothoracic, vascular surgery and other cardiovascular invasive procedures: A systematic review2017Cotti, E; Arrica, M; Di Lenarda, A; Serri, Sb; Bassareo, Pp; Padeletti, L; Mercuro, G.EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY
Comment on 'Epigenetics and cardiovascular risk in childhood'2017Bassareo, Pp; Mercuro, G.JOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE
Enzyme replacement therapy in paediatric patients affected by Anderson-Fabry disease leads to improvement in arterial elasticity, but not normalization2017Bassareo, Pp; Barbanti, C; Marras, Ar; Mercuro, G.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC AND NEONATAL INDIVIDUALIZED MEDICINE
Atrial fibrillation in a preterm newborn with structurally normal heart2017Bassareo, Pp; Marras, Ar; Marras, M; Marras, Silvia; Mercuro, G.OXFORD MEDICAL CASE REPORTS
Altered aortic upper wall TDI velocity is inversely related with left ventricular diastolic function in operated tetralogy of Fallot2016Bassareo, PIER PAOLO; Saba, Luca; Marras, Andrea R.; Mercuro, GiuseppeCONGENITAL HEART DISEASE
Epicardial fat thickness, an emerging cardiometabolic risk factor, is increased in young adults born preterm2016Bassareo, P. P; Fanos, Vassilios; Puddu, M; Marras, S; Mercuro, GiuseppeJOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENTAL ORIGINS OF HEALTH AND DISEASE
Fully-textile polymer-based ECG electrodes: overcoming the limits of metal-based textiles2016Pani, Danilo; Achilli, Andrea; Bassareo, Pier Paolo; Cugusi, Lucia; Mercuro, Giuseppe; Fraboni, B...eatrice; Bonfiglio, AnnalisaCOMPUTING IN CARDIOLOGYInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Stem cells and heart: an open future or a mirage?2016Bassareo, Pp; Mercuro, G.JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC AND NEONATAL INDIVIDUALIZED MEDICINE
Metabolomics, a promising approach to translational research in cardiology2015Deidda, Martino; Piras, Cristina; Bassareo, PIER PAOLO; CADEDDU DESSALVI, Christian; Mercuro, Giu...seppeIJC METABOLIC & ENDOCRINE
Letter regarding the article of Tauzin et al. 'Increased systemic blood pressure and arterial stiffness in young adults born prematurely'2015Bassareo, P. P.; Fanos, Vassilios; Mercuro, GiuseppeJOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENTAL ORIGINS OF HEALTH AND DISEASE
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