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Evaluation of oxidative stress mechanisms and the effects of phytotherapic extracts on Parkinson’s disease Drosophila PINK1B9 model2019Baroli, Bianca Maria; Loi, Eleonora; Solari, Paolo; Kasture, Ameya; Moi, Loredana; Muroni, Patriz...ia; Kasture, Sanjay; Setzu, Maria Dolores; Liscia, Anna; Zavattari, PatriziaTHE FASEB JOURNAL
The imbalance of serotonergic circuitry impairing the crop supercontractile muscle activity and the mitochondrial morphology of PD PINK1B9 Drosophila melanogaster are rescued by Mucuna pruriens2018Solari, Paolo; Maccioni, Riccardo; Marotta, Roberto; Catelani, Tiziano; Debellis, Doriana; Baroli..., Bianca maria; Peddio, Stefania; Muroni, Patrizia; Kasture, Sanjay; Solla, Paolo; Stoffolano, John G.; Liscia, AnnaJOURNAL OF INSECT PHYSIOLOGY
Standardized phytotherapic extracts rescue anomalous locomotion and electrophysiological responses of TDP-43 Drosophila melanogaster model of ALS2018Maccioni, Riccardo; Setzu, MARIA DOLORES; Talani, Giuseppe; Solari, Paolo; Kasture, Ameya; Sucic,... Sonja; Porru, Simona; Muroni, Patrizia; Sanna, Enrico; Kasture, Sanjay; Acquas, ELIO MARIA GIOACHINO; Liscia, ANNA MARIASCIENTIFIC REPORTS
The gustin (CA6) gene polymorphism, rs2274333 (A/G), is associated with fungiform papilla density, whereas PROP bitterness is mostly due to TAS2R38 in an ethnically-mixed population2015Tomassini Barbarossa, I; Melis, M; Mattes, MZ; Calò, C; Muroni, P; Crnjar, R; Tepper, BJPHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR
Associations between Orosensory Perception of Oleic Acid, the Common Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (rs1761667 and rs1527483) in the CD36 Gene, and 6-n-Propylthiouracil (PROP) Tasting2015Melis, M; Sollai, G; Muroni, P; Crnjar, R; Tomassini Barbarossa, INUTRIENTS
Taste response profiles of the labellar chemosensilla of the medfly Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae).2014Masala C; Loy F; Solari P; Sollai G; Muroni P; Crnjar RTHE ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY
Conserved residues in RF-NH2 receptor models identify predicted contact sites in ligand-receptor binding2014C. Bass; C. Katanski; B. Maynard; I. Zurro; E. Mariane; M. Matta; M. Loi; V. Melis; Capponi V; P.... Muroni; M. Setzu; R. NicholsPEPTIDES
A paper screening test to assess oral sensitivity to oleic acid in normo-weight PROP super-tasters, medium tasters and non-tasters2014Sollai G; Muroni P; Melis M; Crnjar R; Tomassini Barbarossa ICHEMICAL SENSES
Morpho-functional analysis of individual differences of prop bitter taste perception2013Melis M; Muroni P; Cabras T; Messana I; Crnjar R; Tomassini Barbarossa IEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HISTOCHEMISTRY
Morpho-functional characterization of taste neurons in labellar apparatus in the medfly Ceratitis Capitata (Wied.)2013Masala C; Loy F; Solari P; Sollai G; Muroni P; Crnjar REUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HISTOCHEMISTRY
The gustin (CA6) gene polymorphism, rs2274333 (A/G), as a mechanistic link between PROP tasting and fungiform taste papilla density and maintenance2013Melis M; Atzori E; Cabras S; Zonza A; Calò C; Muroni P; Nieddu M; Padiglia A; Sogos V; Tepper BJ;... Tomassini Barbarossa IPLOS ONE
Taste sensitivity to 6-n-propylthiouracil is associated with endocannabinoid plasma levels in normal-weight individuals2013TOMASSINI BARBAROSSA, Iole; Carta, Gianfranca; Murru, MARIA ELISABETTA; Melis, Melania; Zonza, A;... Vacca, C; Muroni, Patrizia; Di Marzo, V; Banni, SebastianoNUTRITION
Neuropeptide F peptides act through unique signaling pathways to affect cardiac activity2012Setzu, MARIA DOLORES; Biolchini, Maurizio; Lilliu, MARIA ALBERTA; Manca, M.; Muroni, Patrizia; Po...ddighe, Simone; Bass, C.; Angioy, A. M.; Nichols, R.PEPTIDES
Relationships between gustin (CA6) gene polymorphism, bitter taste sensitivity, fungiform papillae density and morphology2012Melis, Melania; Zonza, A; Muroni, Patrizia; Crnjar, ROBERTO MASSIMO; TOMASSINI BARBAROSSA, IoleACTA PHYSIOLOGICA
Emotional responses to pleasant and unpleasant oral flavour stimuli2011Muroni P; Crnjar R; Tomassini Barbarossa ICHEMOSENSORY PERCEPTION
Evidence dromyosuppressin acts at posterior and anterior pacemakers to decrease the fast and the slow cardiac activity in the blowfly Protophormia terraenovae2007ANGIOY A; MURONI P; TOMASSINI BARBAROSSA I; MCCORMICK J; NICHOLS RPEPTIDES
Dose-Dependent non associative olfactory learning in a FlY2007TOMASSINI BARBAROSSA I; MURONI P; SETZU M. D; ANGIOY A.MCHEMICAL SENSES
Distinct memory phases to different patterns of olfactory stimulation in a fly2006P. MURONI; TOMASSINI BARBAROSSA I; M.D. SETZU; I. URRU; G. CANSELLA; ANGIOY AACTA PHYSIOLOGICA
Variations of sinusal rhythm induced by taste stimulations with opposite hedonic dimension2006Tomassini Barbarossa I; Cansella G; Muroni P; Setzu M D; Banni S; Angioy A MACTA PHYSIOLOGICA
Conjugated linoleic acid metabolism in different animal species including humans. A possible rationale for its biological activies2004BANNI S; CARTA G; CORDEDDU L; MELIS M.P; MURRU E; TOMASSINI BARBAROSSA I; VARGIOLU S; MURONI P; S...ETZU M. D.; AND ANGIOY A. MTRENDS IN COMPARATIVE BIOCHEMISTRY & PHYSIOLOGY
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