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Titolo: Identificazione delle aree idonee alla localizzazione di strutture golfistiche con metodiche GIS – Una applicazione nella Regione Sardegna
Data di pubblicazione: 2015
Abstract: The International tourism which arrives in Italy is potentially one of the most important resources for the economic development of our country. One specific area of business activity is golf. The Autonomous Region of Sardinia has identified the promotion and implementation of a system of golf courses as a strategic tool for tourism. This tool would focus on the development of the courses and on lengthening the golfing season on a regional level, persuading many foreign and domestic players to choose Sardinia as their preferred destination for golfing trips in all seasons. This system indirectly creates economic growth and numerous jobs. However, in the current regional laws the most suitable areas for the development of this tourist resource haven’t yet been precisely identified. From the examination of different analysis parameters, such as roads, transport times, landscape restrictions, topography, soil, land use, and so on, and with the help of GIS software, the macro-regional areas most suited to the creation of new golf courses, have been identified, with a particular focus on the sub region of Ogliastra.
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