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Titolo: Real-time or Full-precision CRS Imaging Using a Cloud Computing Portal: Multi-offset GPR and Shear-wave Reflection Data
Data di pubblicazione: 2014
Abstract: The presented cloud-computing portal allows automated imaging of near-surface structures either in full-precision using a global simultaneous search for the best fitting spatial CRS stacking operator or in real-time using a pragmatic sequence of line searches. The simultaneous search even though computationally very expensive becomes necessary when the pragmatic search fails due to strongly varying velocities, low CMP fold and high noise levels. In our first case study we apply real-time imaging by reprocessing multi-offset Ground Penetrating-Radar data with a good signal/noise ratio. Generating stacked and prestack time migrated sections, consistent with conventional results, required less than 10 minutes. In our second case study we analyze a challenging SH-wave seismic reflection data, recorded in an urban environment, where a high level of ambient noise and landfills below the sealed surface down to 2 m depth resulting from recent reconstruction work hampered seismic data quality severely. Here, we successfully applied our newly developed full-precision CRS imaging approach in addition to conventional CMP stack aided by VSP. In this urban environment, the relevance of applying both, high resolution SH-wave seismic and VSP surveys was demonstrated. Two recently drilled wells confirm the aquiclude to be found as predicted by the seismic forecast.
ISBN: 9781634392747
Tipologia:4.1 Contributo in Atti di convegno

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