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Titolo: Fair Value and Stakeholder-oriented Accounting Systems. Some evidence from Italy
Data di pubblicazione: 2006
Citazione: Fair Value and Stakeholder-oriented Accounting Systems. Some evidence from Italy / MELIS G; MELIS A; PILI A. - In: CORPORATE OWNERSHIP & CONTROL. - ISSN 1727-9232. - 4:4(2006), pp. 127-138.
Abstract: This paper examined the key issues related to the effects of introduction of fair value in a stakeholder-oriented accounting system. In particular, it discussed how the decision of the Italian policymaker to limit the distribution to shareholders of fair value gains is rooted on the importance of prudence in the Italian legal and GAAP framework. The paper seek to explore how the importance of the ‘prudence’ principle in the Italian legal and GAAP framework seems mainly due to the influence of broadly defined corporate governance issues, such as the ownership, control and capital structures that characterise Italian listed companies, the concept of the corporation as generally accepted in Italy, and cultural issues, in relation to prudence, risk-taking and uncertainty avoidance. This paper argued that the Italian regulator decision seems able to safeguard the interests of a wide range of corporate stakeholders, without lowering the quality of information to investors, and provided an example of income statement section (named comprehensive income statement) in which fair value gains and losses may be disclosed.
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