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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)RivistaEditore
Spatial distribution of rainfall trends in Sicily (1921–2000)2006CANNAROZZO M; NOTO L; VIOLA FPHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF THE EARTH
Transient Soil Moisture Dynamics and Climate Change in Mediterranean Ecosystems2008VIOLA F; DALY E; VICO G; CANNAROZZO M; PORPORATO AWATER RESOURCES RESEARCH
Annual runoff regional frequency analysis in Sicily2009Cannarozzo M; Noto L; Viola F; La Loggia GPHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF THE EARTH
Daily streamflow prediction with uncertainty in ephemeral catchments using the GLUE methodology2009Viola F; Noto LV; Cannarozzo M; La Loggia GPHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF THE EARTH
Climate changes' effects on vegetation water stress in Mediterranena areas2010Pumo D; Viola F; Noto LECOHYDROLOGY
Comparative analysis of different techniques for spatial interpolation of rainfall data to create a serially complete monthly time series of precipitation for Sicily, Italy2011Di Piazza A; Lo Conti F; Noto LV; Viola F; La Loggia GINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED EARTH OBSERVATION AND GEOINFORMATION
Olive yield as a function of soil moisture dynamics2011Viola F; Noto L; Cannarozzo M; La Loggia G; Porporato AECOHYDROLOGY
Regional flow duration curves for ungauged sites in Sicily2011Viola F; Noto L; Cannarozzo M; La Loggia GHYDROLOGY AND EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCES
Olive yield and future climate forcings2013Viola F; Caracciolo D; Pumo D; Noto LPROCEDIA ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES
Ecohydrological modelling of flow duration curve in Mediterranean river basins2013Pumo D; Noto LV; Viola FADVANCES IN WATER RESOURCES
Rainfall statistics changes in Sicily2013Arnone E; Pumo D; Viola F; Noto LV; La Loggia GHYDROLOGY AND EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCES
The state of water resources in major Mediterranean Islands2014Viola F; SapianoM; Schembri M; BrincatC; Lopez A; Toscano A; DiamadopoulosE; CharalambousB; Molle...B; ZoumadakisM; TorrensA; GallinasM; NotoMTWATER RESOURCES
EHSM: a conceptual ecohydrological model for daily streamflow simulation2014Viola F; Pumo D; Noto LVHYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES
Annual flow duration curves assessment in ephemeral small basins2014Pumo D; Viola F; La Loggia G; Noto LJOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY
Future Climate Forcings and Olive Yield in a Mediterranean Orchard2014ViolaF; CaraccioloD; PumoD; NotoL; La LoggiaGWATER
Spatial distribution of temperature trends in Sicily2014Viola F; Liuzzo L; Noto L; Lo Conti F; La Loggia GINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGY
Effect of climate change on asphalt binder selection for road construction in Italy2015Viola F; Celauro CTRANSPORTATION RESEARCH. PART D, TRANSPORT AND ENVIRONMENT
Comparative analysis of spatial interpolation methods in the Mediterranean area: Application to temperature in Sicily2015Di Piazza A; Lo Conti F; Viola F; Eccel E; Noto LVWATER
Wind speed and temperature trends impacts on reference evapotranspiration in Southern Italy2016Liuzzo, Lorena; Viola, Francesco; Noto, Leonardo V.THEORETICAL AND APPLIED CLIMATOLOGY
Generation of natural runoff monthly series at ungauged sites using a regional regressive model2016Pumo D; Viola F; Noto LVWATER
Co-evolution of hydrological components under climate change scenarios in the Mediterranean area2016Viola F; Francipane A; Caracciolo D; Pumo D; La Loggia G; Noto, LVSCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
Adaptation of water resources systems to changing society and environment: a statement by the International Association of Hydrological Sciences2016Ceola, Serena; Montanari, Alberto; Krueger, Tobias; Dyer, Fiona; Kreibich, Heidi; Westerberg, Ida...; Carr, Gemma; Cudennec, Christophe; Elshorbagy, Amin; Savenije, Hubert; van der Zaag, Pieter; Rosbjerg, Dan; Aksoy, Hafzullah; Viola, Francesco; Petrucci, Guido; Macleod, Kit; Croke, Barry; Ganora, Daniele; Hermans, Leon; Polo, Maria J.; Xu, Zongxue; Borga, Marco; Helmschrot, Jorg; Toth, Elena; Ranzi, Roberto; Castellarin, Attilio; Hurford, Anthony; Brilly, Mitija; Viglione, Alberto; Blöschl, Günter; Sivapalan, Murugesu; Domeneghetti, Alessio; Marinelli, Alberto; Di Baldassarre, an GiulianoHYDROLOGICAL SCIENCES JOURNAL
The SESAMO early warning system for rainfall-triggered landslides2016Pumo, D; Francipane, A.; Lo Conti, F.; Arnone, E.; Bitonto, P.; Viola, Francesco; La Loggia, G.; ...Noto, L. V.JOURNAL OF HYDROINFORMATICS
Climate change effects on the hydrological regime of small non-perennial river basins2016Pumo, D; Caracciolo, D; Viola, Francesco; Noto, LvSCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
Salinity and periodic inundation controls on the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum of gray mangroves2017Perri, Saverio; Viola, Francesco; Noto, Leonardo Valerio; Molini, AnnalisaHYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES
An automatic tool for reconstructing monthly time-series of hydro-climatic variables at ungauged basins2017Pumo, D; Lo Conti, F; Viola, F; Noto, LVENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING & SOFTWARE
Analytical estimation of annual runoff distribution in ungauged seasonally dry basins based on a first order Taylor expansion of the Fu's equation2017Caracciolo, Domenico; Deidda, Roberto; Viola, FrancescoADVANCES IN WATER RESOURCES
Annual runoff assessment in arid and semiarid Mediterranean watersheds under the Budyko's framework2017Viola, F; Caracciolo, D; Forestieri, A; Pumo, D; Noto, LVHYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES
Retention performance of green roofs in representative climates worldwide2017Viola, Francesco; Hellies, Matteo; Deidda, RobertoJOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY
Retention performances of green roofs worldwide at different time scales2018Hellies, Matteo; Deidda, Roberto; Viola, FrancescoLAND DEGRADATION & DEVELOPMENT
Budyko’s Based Method for Annual Runoff Characterization across Different Climatic Areas: an Application to United States2018Caracciolo, Domenico; Pumo, D.; Viola, F.WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
Evaluation of Precipitation From EURO-CORDEX Regional Climate Simulations in a Small-Scale Mediterranean Site2018Mascaro, Giuseppe; Viola, Francesco; Deidda, RobertoJOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH. ATMOSPHERES
Performances of GPM satellite precipitation over the two major Mediterranean islands2018Caracciolo, Domenico; Francipane, Antonio; Viola, Francesco; Noto, Leonardo Valerio; Deidda, RobertoATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH
Impacts of Hydrological Changes on Annual Runoff Distribution in Seasonally Dry Basins2019Viola, Francesco; Feng, X.; Caracciolo, D.WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
Linking Climate, Basin Morphology and Vegetation Characteristics to Fu’s Parameter in Data Poor Conditions2019Ruggiu, Dario; Viola, FrancescoWATER
Climate change projections for olive yields in the Mediterranean Basin2020Fraga, Helder; Pinto, Joaquim G.; Viola, Francesco; Santos, João A.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGY
Hydrologic impacts of surface elevation and spatial resolution in statistical correction approaches: case study of Flumendosa Basin, Italy2020Perra, Enrica; Viola, Francesco; Deidda, Roberto; Caracciolo, Domenico; Paniconi, Claudio; Langou...sis, AndreasJOURNAL OF HYDROLOGIC ENGINEERING
Analysis of potential benefits on flood mitigation of a CAM green roof in Mediterranean urban areas2020Cristiano, E.; Urru, S.; Farris, S.; Ruggiu, D.; Deidda, R.; Viola, F.BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
EHSMu: a New Ecohydrological Streamflow Model to Estimate Runoff in Urban Areas2020Cristiano, E.; Deidda, R.; Viola, F.WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
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