Ln3Q9 frontispieceChemistry – A European Journal Cover Picture

“Ln3Q9 as a Molecular Framework for Ion-Size-Driven Assembly of Heterolanthanide (Nd, Er, Yb) Multiple Near-Infrared Emitters”

Chemistry – A European Journal 21, 3837 (2015)


ADOM frontispieceAdvanced Optical Materials Frontispiece

“Organic Nanofibers: Extending the Lasing Wavelength Coverage of Organic Semiconductor Nanofibers by Periodic Organic-Organic Heteroepitaxy”

Advanced Optical Materials 1, 116 (2013)



excited states investigatedNature Photonics Research Highlights

“Excited States Investigated”

Nature Photonics 6, 71 (2012)



analytical chemistryAnalytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry Cover Picture

“Fluorescence micrograph of para-sexiphenyl nanofibers deposited on (001)-oriented muscovite mica”

Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry 390, No. 1 (2008)

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