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Titolo: Salivary Metabolomics Fingerprint of Chronic Apical Abscess with Sinus Tract: A Pilot Study
FATTUONI, CLAUDIA (Corresponding)
Data di pubblicazione: 2019
Abstract: Chronic apical abscess (CAA) is a lesion of apical periodontitis mostly characterized by areas of liquefactive necrosis with disintegrating polymorphonuclear neutrophils surrounded by macrophages. Its presence leads to local bacterial infection, systemic inflammatory response, pain, and swelling. )e use of a novel approach for the study of CAA, such as metabolomics, seems to be important since it has proved to be a powerful tool for biomarkers discovery which could give novel molecular insight on CAA. So, the aim of this study was to verify the possibility to identify the metabolic fingerprint of CAA through the analysis of saliva samples. Nineteen patients were selected for this study: eleven patients affected by CAA with a sinus tract constituted the study group whereas eight patients without clinical and radiographic signs of CAA formed the healthy control group. Saliva samples were collected from each subject and immediately frozen at − 80°C. Metabolomic profiles were obtained using a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry instrument. Subsequently, in order to compare the two groups, a multivariate statistical model was built that resulted to be statistically significant. )e class of metabolites characterizing the CAA patients was closely related to the bacterial catabolism, tissue necrosis, and presence of a sinus tract. )ese preliminary results, for the first time, indicate that saliva samples analyzed by means of GC/MS metabolomics may be useful for identifying the presence of CAA, leading to new insights into this disease.
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