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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)RivistaEditore
Italian versions of the Urogenital Distress Inventory-6 and Incontinence Impact Questionnaire-7: translation and validation in women with urinary incontinence2020Monticone, Marco; Frigau, Luca; Mola, Francesco; Rocca, Barbara; Giordano, Andrea; Foti, Calogero...; Franchignoni, FrancoDISABILITY AND REHABILITATION
Recurrent random forest for the assessment of popularity in social media2020Tavazoee, F.; Conversano, C.; Mola, F.KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS
The Italian version of the Quebec Back Pain Disability Scale: cross-cultural adaptation, reliability and validity in patients with chronic low back pain2020Monticone, M.; Frigau, L.; Mola, F.; Rocca, B.; Franchignoni, F.; Vullo, S. S.; Foti, C.;, A.EUROPEAN SPINE JOURNAL
Piano di uguaglianza di genere dell’Università degli Studi di Cagliari2020Aru, Manuela; Balia, Silvia; Barbieri, Barbara; Cabras, Cristina; Cadeddu, Giorgia; Carboni, Paol...a; Cois, Ester; De Simone, Silvia; Fadda, Paola; Lovari, Alessandro; Mola, Francesco; Raffo, Luigi; Scalas, Simona; Sois, Erika; Sulis, GiovanniUNICApress
Reliability, responsiveness and minimal clinically important difference of the two Fear Avoidance and Beliefs Questionnaire scales in Italian subjects with chronic low back pain undergoing multidisciplinary rehabilitation2020Monticone, Marco; Frigau, Luca; Vernon, Howard; Rocca, Barbara; Giordano, Andrea; Vullo, Salvator...e S; Mola, Francesco; Franchignoni, FrancoEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL AND REHABILITATION MEDICINE
Assessment of the effectiveness of digital flyers: analysis of viewing behavior using eye tracking2020Zammarchi, G; Conversano, C; Mola, FPearson
University student achievements and international mobility. The case of University of Cagliari2020Contu, G; Frigau, L; Mola, F; Romano, M; Conversano, CELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF APPLIED STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS AND SERVICES EVALUATION
Identifying factors affecting the status of superhost: evidence from Sardinia and Sicily2020Contu, Giulia; Conversano, Claudio; Frigau, Luca; Mola, FrancescoQUALITY & QUANTITY
Empowering detection of malicious social bots and content spammers on Twitter by sentiment analysis2020Tavazoee, Farideh; Buscaldi, Davide; Mola, Francesco; Conversano, ClaudioELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF APPLIED STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS AND SERVICES EVALUATION
Reliability and reproducibility of the new AO/OTA 2018 classification system for proximal humeral fractures: a comparison of three different classification systems2020Marongiu, Giuseppe; Leinardi, Lorenzo; Congia, Stefano; Frigau, Luca; Mola, Francesco; Capone, An...tonioJOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDICS AND TRAUMATOLOGY
Random effects clustering in multilevel modeling: choosing a proper partition2019Conversano, C; Cannas, M; Mola, F; Sironi, EADVANCES IN DATA ANALYSIS AND CLASSIFICATION
Information content, interactivity and online popularity of the websites of world heritage sites: evidence from France, Italy and Spain2019Contu, G; Conversano, C; Frigau, L; Mola, FTOURISM, CULTURE & COMMUNICATION
Online promotion of UNESCO heritage sites in Southern Europe: website information content and managerial implications2019Conversano, C; Contu, G; Mola, FELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF APPLIED STATISTICAL ANALYSIS
Classification-based approach for validating image segmentation algorithms2019Frigau, Luca; Mola, Francesco; Contu, GiuliaMimar Sinan Fine Arts University Publications
The impact of Airbnb on hidden and sustainable tourism: the case of Italy2019Contu, Giulia; Conversano, Claudio; Frigau, Luca; Mola, FrancescoINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TOURISM POLICY
Template matching for hospital comparison: an application to birth event data in Italy2019Cannas, Massimo; Berta, Paolo; Mola, FrancescoSTATISTICA & APPLICAZIONI
A statistical approach to the morphological classification of Prunus sp. seeds2019Frigau, Luca; Antoch, Jaromır; Bacchetta, Gianluigi; Sarigu, Marco; Ucchesu, Mariano; Zaratin, Charline; Mola, FrancescoPLANT BIOSYSTEMS
Customer Satisfaction from Booking2019Romano, M.; Frigau, L.; Contu, G.; Mola, F.; Conversano, C.Consortium GAAR
Sexual disability in patients with chronic non-specific low back pain-a multicenter retrospective analysis2019Ferrari, Silvano; Vanti, Carla; Frigau, Luca; Guccione, Andrew Anthony; Mola, Francesco; Ruggeri,... Martina; Pillastrini, Paolo; Monticone, MarcoJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL THERAPY SCIENCE
Hotel search engine architecture based on online reviews’ content2019Conversano, Claudio; Romano, Maurizio; Mola, FrancescoPearson
Italian Version of the Risk Assessment and Prediction Tool: Properties and Usefulness of a Decision-Making Tool for Subjects’ Discharge after Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty2019Monticone, Marco; Frigau, Luca; Sconza, Cristiano; Foti, Calogero; Mola, Francesco; Respizzi, Ste...fanoINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF STATISTICS IN MEDICAL RESEARCH
Consistent validation of gray-level thresholding image segmentation algorithms based on machine learning classifiers2019Frigau, L.; Conversano, C.; Mola, F.STATISTICAL PAPERS
Evaluation of the web usability of the University of Cagliari portal: an eye tracking study2019Zammarchi, Gianpaolo; Mola, FrancescoEUC Edizioni Università di Cassino
Valutazione della web usability attraverso l'eye tracking: il caso studio del portale dell'Università di Cagliari2019Zammarchi, Gianpaolo; Mola, Francesco; Contu, Giulia; Frigau, LucaFranco Angeli
Classification, (Big) Data Analysis and Statistical Learning2018Mola, F; Conversano, C; Vichi, MSpringer International Publishing
Responsiveness and minimal important change of the NeckPix© in subjects with chronic neck pain undergoing rehabilitation2018Monticone, Marco; Frigau, Luca; Vernon, Howard; Rocca, Barbara; Mola, FrancescoEUROPEAN SPINE JOURNAL
Estimating the effect of prenatal care on birth outcomes2018Sironi, Emiliano; Cannas, Massimo; Mola, FrancescoSpringer
Development of the Italian version of the High-Activity Arthroplasty Score (HAAS-I) following hip and knee total arthroplasty: Cross-cultural adaptation, reliability, validity and sensitivity to change2018Monticone, Marco; Capone, Antonio; Frigau, Luca; Marongiu, Giuseppe; Abelli, Paola; Mola,; Maffulli, Nicola; Foti, CalogeroJOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY AND RESEARCH
Measuring popularity from Twitter2017Tavazoee, Farideh; Conversano, Claudio; Mola, FrancescoUniversitas Studiorum
Variation in caesarean delivery rates across hospitals: a Bayesian semi-parametric approach2017Cannas, M; Conversano, C; Mola, F; Sironi, EJOURNAL OF APPLIED STATISTICS
Investigating the Relationship Between Tweeting Style and Popularity: The Case of US Presidential Election 20162017Tavazoee, F.; Conversano, C.; Mola, F.Springer
Validation of experiments involving image segmentation of botanic seeds2017Antoch, Jaromir; Conversano, Claudio; Frigau, Luca; Mola, FrancescoUniversitas Studiorum
A new management scheme to support reverse logistics processes in the agrifood distribution sector2017Fancello, G; Mola, F; Frigau, L; Serra, P; Mancini, S; Fadda, PTRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PROCEDIAElsevier B.V.
La specialità sarda alla prova della crisi economica globale2017Coinu, Giovanni; Demuro, Gianmario; Mola, FrancescoEdizioni scientifiche Italiane
Analisi quantitativa e individuazione di tipologie della specialità sarda2017Mola, Francesco; Conversano, Claudio; Fadda, Antonio; Frigau, LucaEdizioni Scientifiche Italiane
Template matching for hospital comparison: an application to birth event data in Italy2017Cannas, Massimo; Berta, Paolo; Mola, FrancescoUniversitas Studiorum
Combined methods in multi-label classification algorithms2017Frigau, Luca; Conversano, Claudio; Mola, FrancescoUniversitas Studiorum
La pianificazione territoriale e il sommerso turistico. Il caso “Provincia di Oristano”2016Contu, Giulia; Conversano, Claudio; Mola, FrancescoCarocci
Estimating the effect of prenatal care on birth outcomes2016CANNAS, MASSIMO; Emiliano, Sironi; MOLA, FRANCESCOCuec
Assessing the Reliability of a Multi-Class Classifier2016Frigau L; Conversano C; Mola FSpringer International Publishing
Cladag 2015 Book of Abstracts2016Mola, Francesco; Conversano, ClaudioCUEC
Classification of Images Background Subtraction in Image Segmentation2016Mola, Francesco; Antoch, J.; Frigau, Luca; Conversano, ClaudioACTA UNIVERSITATIS PALACKIANAE OLOMUCENSIS. FACULTAS RERUM NATURALIUM. MATHEMATICA
Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Image Segmentation method2016FRIGAU, LUCA; CONVERSANO, CLAUDIO; MOLA, FRANCESCOUniversidade Aberta de Lisboa
A note on the use of recursive partitioning in causal inference2015Conversano, Claudio; Cannas, Massimo; Mola, FrancescoSpringer International Publishing
Improving the performance of image segmentation methods through background subtraction2015Frigau, Luca; Conversano, Claudio; Mola, FrancescoInternational Statistical Institute
A bivariate cost-sensitive classifier performance index2014Frigau, Luca; Conversano, Claudio; Mola, FrancescoIASC - International Association of Statistical Computing
A Bivariate Cost-sensitive Classifier Performance Index2014Frigau L; Conversano C; Mola Fhe International Statistical Institute/International Association for Statistical Computing.
Assessing the Reliability of a Multi-class Classifier2014Frigau L; Conversano C; Mola F
A semi-parametric model for clustering hospitals by similarity in patients’ outcome: a study of cesarean sections rates in Sardinia2014CANNAS, MASSIMO; CONVERSANO, CLAUDIO; MOLA, FRANCESCO; Sironi, E.ERCIM (European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics) Working Group on Computational and Methodological Statistics
A data mining approach to forecast late arrivals in a transhipment container terminal2014Pani C; Fadda P; Fancello G; Frigau L; Mola FTRANSPORT
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