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Titolo: Sensitivity analysis of full field methods for residual stress measurement
Data di pubblicazione: 2007
Citazione: Sensitivity analysis of full field methods for residual stress measurement / Baldi, Antonio; Bertolino, Filippo. - 45(2007), pp. 651-660.
Abstract: The hole drilling technique is a well known experimental method for residual stress investigation. This technique is usually used in combination with electrical strain gauges but there is no reason to enforce this choice and other approaches, in particular some full-field optical techniques, can be advantageously used. Since all these techniques give full field data, it becomes important to properly use this redundant information content to increase the robustness and reliability of the analysis. In this work, various well known approaches to the hole drilling/full-field data analysis will be investigated using a two-step approach. In the first one, a sensitivity analysis will be performed on the simpler algorithms and then the reliability of the methods will be estimated by Montecarlo analysis using a known displacement field as a reference.
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