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Titolo: Sensilla on the antennal funiculus of the blow fly, Protophormia terraenovae (Diptera: Calliphoridae)
Data di pubblicazione: 2011
Abstract: The morphology of the antennal funiculus and the external morphological characteristics and distribution of sensilla of blow fly, Protophormia terraenovae, have been studied using light and scanning electron microscopy. Cross section of the funiculus is roughly triangular in shape, with an anterior-medial, anterior-lateral, and posterior surface. The latter presents some large-size pits on restricted lateral and median areas of the proximal funiculus, and several smaller-size ones close to the pedicel–funiculus joint. The entire surface of the antennal sub-segment appears densely populated by microtrichia and is inhabited by seven types of sensilla: one trichoid, two basiconic, one auriculate, one coeloconic, and two basiconic-like pit sensilla. Trichoid, basiconic, auriculate and basiconic-like types display a multiporous wall, a feature characteristic of insect olfactory sensilla. It remains to be verified whether or not the coeloconic structure type has wall pores. The most abundant sensilla are the trichoid ones, which are followed by the basiconic, coeloconic and auriculate types in a decreasing density order. The basiconic-like pit sensilla are present only on the posterior funicular surface, unlike the remaining ones which populate the entire sub-segment. The blow fly’ funiculus displays a significant, even though moderate sexual dimorphism, the female sub-segment being bigger and presenting a higher number of trichoid and auriculate sensilla. The presence of multiple wall pores in most of sensilla types implies an olfactory modality for sensory neurons they accomodate, thus indicating that the blow fly’ funiculus is a plain olfactory organ.
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