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Titolo: Three weeks of maternal separation induced a long lasting changes in the plasticity of hippocampal neurons of offspring and mothers
Data di pubblicazione: 2014
Abstract: Neural plasticity is the capability of neurons to changes the structure, function and organization of neurons in response to new experiences. It specifically refers to strengthening or weakening nerve connections or adding new nerve cells based on environmental stimuli. These processes are responsible for physiological changes, learning and the formation of appropriate responses to external events. Neural plasticity is among the most important aspects of the field of modern neuroscience and its study is leading to a better understanding of brain development. In this study the expression levels of BDNF and Arc protein, the density of dendritic spines and the neurogenesis, were studied after a long-lasting stress, due to maternal separation
Neuroplasticity was evaluated in controls (mother and offspring not exposed to maternal separation) and after the stress induced by maternal separation (3h at day from the 3rd to the 21st day after birth). The mothers were sacrificed 21 days after the birth and pups in three different age groups: 21, 30 and 60 days. In the hippocampus of non-stressed we found an increase in the expression levels of the protein BDNF and Arc, in the dendritic spines density and in the neurogenesis, a phenomenon still present at weaning (21 days postpartum). In contrast, opposite effect (decrease) was observed on all the neurogenesis parameters in the mothers separated of their pups for 3 h per day for 20 days. Similarly to the mothers, also in hippocampus of the pups separated from their mothers was present a reduction of BDNF, Arc, dendritic spines density and neurogenesis in all three ages studied (21, 30 and 60). These results demonstrate that stress due to separation in the postnatal period results in adverse effects on neuronal plasticity in the hippocampus of both mothers and offspring.
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