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Interaction of xenon with copper/quinone containing amine oxidases2007A. PINTUS; CONTINI A; R. ANEDDA; F. PINTUS; A. MURA; M. CASU; G. FLORIS; R. MEDDA
Allosteric modulation of Euphorbia peroxidase by nickel ions2008Pintus F; Mura A; Bellelli A; Arcovito A; Spanò D; Pintus A; Floris G; Medda RTHE FEBS JOURNAL
A selective, nontoxic, OFF-ON fluorescent molecular sensor based on 8-hydroxyquinoline for probing Cd2+ in living cells2010Mameli M; Aragoni MC; Arca M; Caltagirone C; Demartin F; Farruggia G; De Filippo G; Devillanova F...A; Garau A; Isaia F; Lippolis V; Murgia S; Prodi L; Pintus A; Zaccheroni NCHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Gold(III) Complexes of Asymmetrically Aryl-Substituted 1,2-Dithiolene Ligands Featuring Potential-Controlled Spectroscopic Properties2010L. AMBROSIO; M.C. ARAGONI; M. ARCA; F.A. DEVILLANOVA; M.B. HURSTHOUSE; S.L. HUTH; F. ISAIA; V. LI...PPOLIS; A. MANCINI; PINTUS ACHEMISTRY - AN ASIAN JOURNAL
Kojic acid derivatives as powerful chelators for iron(III) and aluminium(III)2011Nurchi, VALERIA MARINA; Lachowicz, JOANNA IZABELA; Crisponi, Guido; Murgia, Sergio; Arca, Massimi...liano; Pintus, Anna; Gans, P; Niclos Gutierrez, J; Domínguez Martín, A; Castineiras, A; Remelli, M; Szewczuk, Z; Lis, T.DALTON TRANSACTIONS
A unique case of oxidative addition of interhalogens IX (X=Cl, Br) to organodiselone ligands: nature of the chemical bonding in asymmetric I-Se-X polarised hypervalent systems2011Aragoni MC; Juarez-Pérez EJ; Arca M; Blake AJ; Devillanova FA; Garau A; Isaia F; Lippolis V; Nuñe...z R; Pintus A; Wilson CCHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL
New group 11 complexes with metal–selenium bonds of methyldiphenylphosphane selenide: a solid state, solution and theorethical investigation2011Pop A; Silvestru A; Gimeno M C; Laguna A; Kulcsar M; Arca M; Lippolis V; Pintus ADALTON TRANSACTIONS
Oxidative properties of iodine-adducts of propylthiouracil and methimazole: direct synthesis of mercury(II) complexes from the reaction with liquid mercury2011Isaia F; Aragoni MC; Arca M; Caltagirone C; Castellano C; Demartin F; Garau A; Lippolis V; Pintus ADALTON TRANSACTIONS
Gold(III) Complexes of Asymmetrically Aryl-Substituted 1,2-Dithiolene Ligands Featuring Potential-Controlled Spectroscopic Properties: An Insight into the Electronic Properties of bis(Pyren-1-yl-ethylene-1,2- dithiolato)Gold (III)2011Aragoni M C; Arca M; Devillanova F A; Isaia F; Lippolis V; Pintus ACHEMISTRY - AN ASIAN JOURNAL
Design, synthesis and characterisation of homoleptic and heteroleptic 1,2-dichalcogenolene platinum and gold complexes with potential ICT applications: an experimental and theoretical study24-feb-2011Università degli Studi di Cagliari
Structure-property relationships in PtII diimine-dithiolate nonlinear optical chromophores based on aryl-ethylene-1,2-dithiolate and 2-thioxothiazoline-4,5-dithiolate.2012Pintus A; Aragoni MC; Bellec N; Devillanova FA; Lorcy D; Isaia F; Lippolis V; Randall RAM; Roisne...l T; Slawin AMZ; Woollins JD; Arca MEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY
Cationic and Anionic 1-D Chains Based on NH+···N Charge-Assisted Hydrogen Bonds in Bipyridyl Derivatives and Polyiodides2012Aragoni M C; Arca M; Caltagirone M; Castellano C; Demartin F; Garau A; Isaia F; Lippolis V; Monti...s R; Pintus ACRYSTENGCOMM
Bis(2-methylpyridyl)alkyl(thioalkyl)diamines as promising scaffolds for the construction of fluorescent and redox chemosensors for transition and post-transition metal ions2012Aragoni M; Montis R; Arca M; Bazzicalupi C; Blake A. J.; Caltagirone C.; De Filippo G.; Garau A.;... Gratteri P.; Isaia F.; Lippolis V.; Pintus A.INORGANICA CHIMICA ACTA
1,2-Dichalcogenolene Ligands and Related Metal Complexes2013ARCA M; ARAGONI M C; PINTUS ARSC Publishing
Formation of T-Shaped versus Charge-Transfer Molecular Adducts in the Reactions Between Bis(thiocarbonyl) Donors and Br2 and I22013Mancini A; Aragoni M C; Bricklebank N; Castellano C; Demartin F; Isaia F; Lippolis V; Pintus A; A...rca MCHEMISTRY - AN ASIAN JOURNAL
Reactivity of fluoro-substituted bis(thiocarbonyl) donors with diiodine: an XRD, FT-Raman, and DFT Investigation2013Mancini, Annalisa; Aragoni, MARIA CARLA; Bingham, Al; Castellano, C; Coles, Sl; Demartin, F; Hurs...thouse, Mb; Isaia, Francesco; Lippolis, Vito; Maninchedda, G; Pintus, Anna; Arca, MassimilianoCHEMISTRY - AN ASIAN JOURNAL
Design, synthesis, and quantum-mechanical modeling of inorganic salts as protection and consolidation agents of stone substrates2013Maiore, Laura; Tuveri, Enrica; Aragoni, Maria Carla; Lippolis, Vito; Pintus, Anna; Meloni, Paola;... G., Carcangiu; Murru, Arianna; Cocco, Ombretta; Arca, Massimiliano
Zn+2/Cd+2 optical discrimination by fluorescent chemosensors based on 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives and sulfur-containing macrocyclic units2013Aragoni M C; Arca M; Bencini A; Caltagirone C; Garau A; Isaia F; Light M E; Lippolis V; Lodeiro C...; Mameli M; Montis R; Mostallino M C; Pintus A; Puccioni SDALTON TRANSACTIONS
Structure-Activity Relationships in Cytotoxic AuI/AuIII Complexes Derived from 2-(2′-Pyridyl)benzimidazole2014Maiore L; Aragoni MC; Deiana C; Cinellu M A; Isaia F; Lippolis V; Pintus A; Serratrice M; Arca MINORGANIC CHEMISTRY
New PtII diimine-dithiolate complexes containing an experimental and theoretical investigation2014Pintus A; Aragoni M C; Coles S J; Coles S L; Isaia F; Lippolis V; Musteti A-D; Teixidor F; Vinas ...C; Arca MDALTON TRANSACTIONS
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