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The extended Value-Belief-Norm theory predicts committed action for nature and biodiversity in Europe2020Fornara, F.; Molinario, E.; Scopelliti, M.; Bonnes, M.; Bonaiuto, F.; Cicero, L.; Admiraal, J.; B...eringer, A.; Dedeurwaerdere, T.; de Groot, W.; Hiedanpaa, J.; Knights, P.; Knippenberg, L.; Ovenden, C.; Horvat, K. P.; Popa, F.; Porras-Gomez, C.; Smrekar, A.; Soethe, N.; Vivero-Pol, J. L.; Van den Born, R.; Bonaiuto, M.ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT REVIEW
The persuasive route to sustainable mobility: elaboration likelihood model and emotions predict implicit attitudes2020Manca, Sara; Altoè, Gianmarco; Schultz, P. Wesley; Fornara, FerdinandoENVIRONMENT AND BEHAVIOR
La psicologia ambientale2020Fornara, Ferdinando; Manca, SaraIl Mulino
Bridging the gap between education and practice in architecture and urban design: An exploratory study.2020Ali, S. M.; Shehayeb, D.; Fornara, F.
Motivations to Act for the Protection of Nature Biodiversity and the Environment: A Matter of "Significance"2020Molinario, Erica; Kruglanski, Arie W.; Bonaiuto, Flavia; Bonnes, Mirilia; Cicero, Lavinia; Fornar...a, Ferdinando; Scopelliti, Massimiliano; Admiraal, Jeroen; Beringer, Almut; Dedeurwaerdere, Tom; deGroot, Wouter; Hiedanpää, Juha; Knights, Paul; Knippenberg, Luuk; Ovdenden, Chris; Polajnar Horvat, Katarina; Popa, Florin; Porras-Gomez, Carmen; Smrekar, Aleš; Soethe, Nathalie; Vivero-Pol, Jose Luis; van den Born, Riyan J. G.; Bonaiuto, MarinoENVIRONMENT AND BEHAVIOR
Socio-psychological drivers of sustainable travel choices: first results of a multidisciplinary project in the city of Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy).2020Fornara, F.; Manca, S.; Mosca, O.; Sottile, E.; Meloni, I.
The effect of school design on users' responses: A systematic review (2008-2017)2020Manca, S.; Cerina, V.; Tobia, V.; Sacchi, S.; Fornara, F.SUSTAINABILITY
The influence of classroom seating arrangement on children’s cognitive processes in primary school: the role of individual variables2020Tobia, V.; Sacchi, S.; Cerina, V.; Manca, S.; Fornara, F.CURRENT PSYCHOLOGY
Effetti psicologici del design scolastico2020Manca, S.; Cerina, V.; Carreras, C.; Tobia, V.; Sacchi, S.; Fornara, F.LISt Lab
Food Reputation and Food Preferences: Application of the Food Reputation Map (FRM) in Italy, USA, and China2020De Dominicis, S.; Bonaiuto, F.; Fornara, F.; Ganucci Cancellieri, U.; Petruccelli, I.; Crano, W. ...D.; Ma, J.; Bonaiuto, M.FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY
Two Sides of the Same Coin: Environmental and Health Concern Pathways Toward Meat Consumption2020Lai, A. E.; Tirotto, F. A.; Pagliaro, S.; Fornara, F.FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY
Residential satisfaction, psychological well-being and perceived environmental qualities in high- vs. low-humanized residential facilities for the elderly2019Manca, Sara; Cerina, Veronica; Fornara, FerdinandoPSYCHOLOGIA SPOłECZNA
European and natural landscapes as carriers of place identity: a correlational study in Italian and Spanish regions2019Fornara, F.; Troffa, R.; Valera, S.; Vidal, T.LANDSCAPE RESEARCH
Styles of workplace attachment and job-related outcomes in hospital healthcare workers.2019Fornara, F.; Mura, A. L.; Nonnis, M.; Scrima, F.
Residential Place Attachment as an Adaptive Strategy for Coping With the Reduction of Spatial Abilities in Old Age2019Fornara, Ferdinando; Lai, Amanda Elizabeth; Bonaiuto, Marino; Pazzaglia, FrancescaFRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY
Attitude toward sustainable transport as a function of source and argument reliability and anticipated emotions2019Manca, Sara; Fornara, FerdinandoSUSTAINABILITY
La valutazione post-occupativa in un intervento di riqualificazione di edilizia residenziale pubblica a Roma: soddisfazione residenziale e relazione con l’ente gestore.2019Bonaiuto, M.; Ariccio, S.; Fornara, F.; Piccinin, G.; Lizzani, G.Quodlibet
Predicting meat consumption: The role of VBN, social norms and health concern.2019Fornara, F.; Lai, A.; Tirotto, F.; Sessa, A.; Pagliaro, S.
City Reputation Indicators (CRIs): measuring inhabitants’ city representation / Indicadores de Reputación Urbana: midiendo la representación de una ciudad en sus habitantes2019Bonaiuto, Marino; Ariccio, Silvia; De Dominicis, Stefano; Fornara, Ferdinando; Molinario, Erica; ...Troffa, Renato; Wang, HaoxingPSYECOLOGY
Predicting pro-environmental behaviors in the urban context: The direct or moderated effect of urban stress, city identity, and worldviews2019Meloni, Antonella; Fornara, Ferdinando; Carrus, GiuseppeCITIES
Test of preqis' factorial structure and reliability in France and of a neighbourhood attachment prediction model: A study on a french sample in Paris2018Fornara, Ferdinando; Ariccio, S.; Rioux, L.; Moffat, E.; Mariette, J. . Y.; Bonnes, M.; Bonaiuto, M.PRATIQUES PSYCHOLOGIQUES
The relationship between place attachment and spatial competence patterns in older adults2018Fornara, F.; Bonaiuto, M.; &, Pazzaglia
Place-related constructs and use of heritage sites in the urban environment2018Fornara, F.; Astero, M.; Lai, A. E.; Manca, S.
Place attachment as a key dimension for social and environmental issues2018Fornara, F.; Bonaiuto, M.
Environmental strategies of affect regulation and their associations with subjective well-being2018Korpela, Kalevi M.; Pasanen, Tytti; Repo, Veera; Hartig, Terry; Staats, Henk; Mason, Michael;, Susana; Fornara, Ferdinando; Marks, Tony; Saini, Sunil; Scopelliti, Massimiliano; Soares, Ana L.; Stigsdotter, Ulrika K.; Thompson, Catharine WardFRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY
Il ruolo degli aspetti fisico-spaziali e delle relazioni con il luogo nella soddisfazione per la visita a un sito culturale2018Fornara, F.; Astero, M.; Lai, A. E.; Manca, S.
What makes you a hero for nature? Socio-psychological profiling of leaders committed to nature and biodiversity protection across seven EU countries2018Scopelliti, Massimiliano; Molinario, Erica; Bonaiuto, Flavia; Bonnes, Mirilia; Cicero, Lavinia; D...e Dominicis, Stefano; Fornara, Ferdinando; Admiraal, Jeroen; Beringer, Almut; Dedeurwaerdere, Tom; de Groot, Wouter; Hiedanpää, Juha; Knights, Paul; Knippenberg, Luuk; Polajnar Horvat, Katarina; Popa, Florin; Porras-Gomez, Carmen; Smrekar, Aleš; Soethe, Nathalie; Vivero-Pol, Jose Luis; van den Born, Riyan; Bonaiuto, MarinoJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT
Architectural style and green spaces predict older adults’ evaluations of residential facilities2017Cerina, Veronica; Fornara, Ferdinando; Manca, SaraEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF AGEING
The role of descriptive norm and anticipated emotions in reducing meat consumption.2017Fornara, F.; Tirotto, F.Institute of Psychosocial Studies and Research Xoan Vicente Viqueira
Elaboration Likelihood Model and anticipated negative emotions predict implicit attitude toward sustainable transport2017Manca, S.; Fornara, F.Editorial Universidad de Granada
Exploring beliefs on sustainable transport choices: The case study of the metropolitan area of Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy)2017Fornara, F., Manca, S., Mura, N., & Tirotto, F.Institute of Psychosocial Studies and Research Xoan Vicente Viqueira
La relazione tra persona e ambienti caveali nella prospettiva della psicologia ambientale2017Fornara, FerdinandoQuodlibet
Healthy residential environments for the elderly2017Fornara F; Manca SSpringer
Residential satisfaction and perceived urban quality2017Bonaiuto M; Fornara FElsevier
Food Reputation Map (FRM): Italian long and short versions’ psychometric features2017Bonaiuto, M; De Dominicis, S; Fornara, F; Ganucci Cancellieri, U; Petruccelli, I; Bonaiuto, FFOOD QUALITY AND PREFERENCE
Interactions matter: modelling everyday pro-environmental norm transmission and diffusion in workplace networks2017Polhill JG; Craig T; Alonso-Betanzos A; Sánchez-Maroño N; Fontenla-Romero O; Dumitru A; García-Mi...ra R; Bonnes M; Bonaiuto M; Carrus G; Maricchiolo F; Fornara F; Ilin C; Steg L; Ruepert A; Keizer KSpringer
Predicting individual action toward nature and biodiversity: The role of values, beliefs and norms2016Fornara, F., Bonaiuto, M., Scopelliti, M., Molinario, E., & Bonnes, M.
The role of emotions, sources, and arguments in predicting sustainable travel choice: A survey study2016Manca S; Fornara F
Willingness To Pay for preserving local beaches: The role of framing, attitudes, and local identification2016Fornara, F.; Caddeo, P.PSYECOLOGY
The restorative quality of work environments and its work-related outcomes2016Fornara, F., Bellini, D., Bonaiuto, M., Ramaci, T., & Hartig, T.
The biodiversity protection quest in life histories2016Bonaiuto M; Molinario E; Cicero L; Bonaiuto F; Fornara F; Scopelliti M; Bonnes M
Symposium on “Motivation for committed action in biodiversity issues”2016Fornara, F., Bonaiuto, M., Knippenberg, & Hiedanpää, J.
Transport walking in urban neighbourhoods-Impact of perceived neighbourhood qualities and emotional relationship2016Ferreira, I.A; Johansson, M; Sternudd, C; Fornara, FLANDSCAPE AND URBAN PLANNING
Promuovere le scelte di trasporto sostenibile: IAT e comunicazione persuasiva.2016Manca, S.; Fornara, F.; Altoè, G.Kaizen Edizioni
Measuring Implicit European and Mediterranean Landscape Identity: A Tool Proposal2016Fornara F; Dentale F; Troffa R; Piras SFRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY
Predicting intention to improve household energy efficiency: the role of value-belief-norm theory, normative and informational influence, and specific attitude2016Fornara F; Pattitoni P; Mura M; Strazzera EJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY
Il contributo della psicologia ambientale alla progettazione degli indoor environments2015Molinario E., Fornara F., & Bonaiuto M.Quodlibet
Positive environment in the workplace: The case of the mediating role of Work Engagement between Restorativeness and Job Satisfaction2015Bellini D; Fornara F; Bonaiuto MPSYECOLOGY
Gli antecedenti psicologico-sociali dell’uso dei mezzi di trasporto urbano2015Manca, S., Fornara, F., & Altoè, G.Arti Grafiche Palermitane
Perceived Residential Environment Quality Indicators and neighborhood attachment: A confirmation study on a Chinese sample in Chongqing2015Mao, Y; Fornara, F; Manca, S; Bonnes, M; Bonaiuto, MPSYCH JOURNAL
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