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Titolo: Nascita e sviluppo di Carloforte, città illuminista
Data di pubblicazione: 2010
Abstract: The work starts from some considerations about the enlightened despotism that involved in Europe some monarchs, from the mid-seventeenth century until the late eighteenth century. They took over the role of designers of society and of the future of man, even through the planning and implementation of new towns. This is the case of Catherine II of Russia, Charles II of Habsburg, Charles III of Bourbon, and Charles Emmanuel III of Savoy, King of Sardinia and Piedmont. In particular, Emmanuel the Third colonized the island of St. Peter, in Sardinia; at the beginning he built a fortress and then a real town. The study aims to summarize the birth and development of the Old Town of Carloforte, through the analysis of time lags, by reconstructing the sequence of events, and through a reinterpretation of the original maps and correspondence of the time. The paper tries to implement a reconstruction of the past to provide a key to reading and understanding the present, and to evaluate the potential of the future projects.
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