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Titolo: The Sardinian Power System with full electric load demand and smart grid
Data di pubblicazione: 2014
Abstract: The paper refers to a portion of the Italian grid, the Sardinian power system, interconnected to the Italian mainland with high voltage direct current submarine cables. Sardinia is one of the most favorable Italian regions for the exploitation of wind and solar energy, and it has been experiencing a great increment of renewable power production. Sardinia is the only Italian Region that is not supplied by the Italian Natural Gas Network and the carrying out of the GALSI Project (Algeria-Sardinia-Italy gas pipeline) is considered even more unlikely. The proposal presents the foreseen 2030 scenario and the results of steady-state analysis of the Sardinian grid with AC Power Flow studies in extreme renewable generation and full electric consumption conditions. The steady-state analysis applied to the 2030 load and generation scenario allowed identifying critical conditions of the grid caused by the not programmable production in a context of full electric load demand.
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