His main research interests include immobilization of biomolecules such as enzymes, preferably of potential technological interest for treatment of industrial and agricultural wastes, or also for enzyme-assisted transformations, relevant for fine chemical synthesis, or for biofuel technology. Related to these topics is a study devoted to find innovative materials and techniques, relevant for drug-delivery applications.

Prof. E. Sanjust has been the National Coordinator of a scientific programme (FIRB) centered on the use of the edible basidiomycetous mushroom Pleurotus sajor-caju as a bioremediation tool. The study of the enzymology of this organism is still in course, with concern to the excreted laccase which can be successfully immobilized on suitable supports.

Recently, he has focused his attention on synthetic macromolecular emulators of versatile peroxidases, that are highly promising biomimetic catalytic agents for oxidative treatments of a wide range of recalcitrant organic pollutants. These emulators could be useful for elucidation of the chemical mechanism(s) of metalloporphine-based catalysis.

Another line is devoted to the study of nitrate- and nitrite-assimilating yeasts, suitable for bioremediation, urban and agricultural wastewater treatment, and high-nitrogen biomass production.

Research collaborations

Prof. Vincenzo Solinas, Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Cagliari: Economically affordable enzyme-assisted conversion of cinnamaldehydes to cinnamyl alcohols
Prof. Maura Monduzzi, Department of Chemical Sciences , University of Cagliari: preparation and characterization of polyphasic systems for drug delivery studies
Prof. Joe V. Bannister, Department of Biochemistry, University of Malta, Msida, Malta: Emulators of β-NAD(P)H oxidase and their applications
Prof. Giovanni Appendino, Department of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Pharmacological, and Food Science, University of Eastern Piedmont: Anti-oxidant molecules from mediterranean shrubs

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