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Titolo: Permissive role of D-1 receptor stimulation by endogenous dopamine for the expression of postsynaptic D-2-mediated behavioural responses. Yawning in rats.
Data di pubblicazione: 1987
Abstract: Low doses of BHT 920, LY 171555 and (+)3PPP, three dopamine agonists selective for D-2 receptors, induced yawning in rats. This effect was reduced by the selective D-1 antagonist SCH 23390 but the antagonism did not exceed a 50% reduction from the control values. In contrast, the selective D-2 antagonist (-)sulpiride completely abolished agonist-induced yawning. A 6 h reserpine pretreatment (5 mg/kg i.p.), which depletes brain dopamine (DA) by about 95%, reduced agonist-induced yawning by an extent similar to SCH 23390; in the reserpinized rats, SCH 23390 completely lost the property of blocking agonist-induced yawning while (-)sulpiride retained it. Two 5HT receptor antagonist, ketanserin and metergoline failed to influence agonist-induced yawning. The reportedly selective D-1 agonist, SKF 38393, failed to induce yawning in normal rats as well as in rats pretreated with reserpine 6 or 16 h earlier. If one excludes that SCH 23390 and the D-2 agonists interact with the same DA-receptors, the data are consistent with the possibility that stimulation of D-1 receptors by endogenous DA plays a permissive-facilitatory role for the behavioural expression of D-2 receptor activation.
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