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Titolo: Cooperative VLSI Tiled Architectures: Stigmergy in a Swarm Coprocessor
Data di pubblicazione: 2006
Citazione: Cooperative VLSI Tiled Architectures: Stigmergy in a Swarm Coprocessor / ANGIUS G; MANCA C; PANI D; RAFFO L. - 4150(2006), pp. 396-403. ((Intervento presentato al convegno ANTS 2006. FIFTH INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON ANT COLONY OPTIMIZATION AND SWARM INTELLIGENCE tenutosi a Brussels, Belgium nel September 4-7, 2006.
Abstract: Stigmergy is a form of indirect interaction for coordination and communication purposes that can be found in many swarm systems. In this paper we present a tiled coprocessor for computation-intensive applications that explicitly exploits stigmergy to achieve adaptability avoiding the usual time-consuming handshakes involved in direct interactions. This adaptability, without any centralized control, directly implies architectural scalability at design time, flexibility in multitasking environment, adaptive load balancing and fault-tolerance at run-time. A CMOS 0.13μm implementation of such architecture for simple array processing operations is presented and evaluated. Obtained results show the potentiality of the proposed approach
ISBN: 978-354038482-3
Tipologia:4.1 Contributo in Atti di convegno

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