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Titolo: Liquid-phase alkylation of phenol with t-butanol over various catalysts derived from MWW precursor
Data di pubblicazione: 2005
Abstract: Three types of MWW-based catalysts ( MCM-22, MCM-36 and ITQ-2 ) were studied in the liquid phase alkylation of phenol by tert-butanol ( TBA ). Ammonia adsorption calorimetry was applied to investigate the acid properties of zeolites with different framework topology and cristallinity. It was established that acid properties of MCM-22 family depend mainly of the solid Al-content ( the Si/Al ratio varied from 9.1 to 46.0 ).Delamination of MCM-22 precursor ( MCM-22(P)) leading to ITQ-2 results in the decrease of the total acidity and th eincrease of the intermediate acid sites concentration, while the pillaring process yielding MCM-36 affected mainly the total concentration of acid sites, the acid strenght distribution being similar to th ecorresponding MCM-22 zeolite. The catalytic activity and selectivity of zeolite-based calysts are discussed. The most active catalyst for the studied reaction was MCM-22 B ( Si/Al 15 . The results obtained with MCM-22 as catalyst revealed that, despite th expectations due to the presence of 10-MR pores in the structure of this zeolite, no enhanced selectivity to p-tert-butyl phenol is observed. This has been rationalized by the assumption that most of reactions occurring in this system take place on acid sites at or close to the external surface. This assumption is also supported by the similar catalytic selectivity of the MWW-derved structures ( viz. MCM-36 and ITQ-2 ), which expose a higher concentration of external pockets. However, it is noticeable the high catalytic activity of MCM-22 zeolites for the liquid phase alkylation of phenol by TBA that is comparable to the gas phase activity of large pore zeolites like as HY or HM.
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