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Titolo: Differences in hemodynamic response to metaboreflex activation between obese patients with metabolic syndrome and healthy subjects with obese phenotype
Data di pubblicazione: 2015
Abstract: Patients suffering from obesity and metabolic syndrome (OMS) manifest a dysregulation in hemodynamic response during exercise, with an exaggerated systemic vascular increase. However, it is not clear whether this is the consequence of metabolic syndrome per se or whether it is due to concomitant obesity. The aim of the present investigation was to discover whether OMS and noncomplicated obesity resulted in different hemodynamic responses during the metaboreflex. Twelve metabolically healthy but obese subjects (MHO; 7 women), 13 OMS patients (5 women), and 12 normal age-matched controls (CTL; 6 women) took part in this study. All participants underwent a postexercise muscle ischemia protocol to evaluate the metaboreflex activity. Central hemodynamics were evaluated by impedance cardiography. The main result shows an exaggerated increase in systemic vascular resistance from baseline during the metaboreflex in the OMS patients as compared with the other groups (481.6 ± 180.3, -0.52 ± 177.6, and -60.5 ± 58.6 dynes·s(-1)·cm(-5) for the OMS, the MHO, and the CTL groups, respectively; P < 0.05). Moreover, the MHO subjects and the CTL group showed an increase in cardiac output during the metaboreflex (288.7 ± 325.8 and 703.8 ± 276.2 ml/m increase with respect to baseline), whereas this parameter tended to decrease in the OMS group (-350 ± 236.5 ml/m). However, the blood pressure response, which tended to be higher in the OMS patients, was not statistically different between groups. The results of the present investigation suggest that OMS patients have an exaggerated vasoconstriction in response to metaboreflex activation and that this fact is not due to obesity per se.
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