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Titolo: A Narrowband Chipless Multiresonator Tag for UHF RFID
Data di pubblicazione: 2014
Abstract: In this work, a narrowband fully passive printable RFID chipless tag, working in the UHF band, is presented. The tag consists of two cross-polarized transmitting and receiving microstrip broadband circular monopole antennas, loaded with multiple cascaded resonators, each one unambiguously corresponding to one data bit. The proposed antenna has a compact size, a low cost of fabrication, and a very compact frequency bandwidth. It uses spectral signatures to encode data, and hence provides a unique ID for every tagged object. The antenna has been designed using a general purpose 3D CAD, CST Microwave Studio, and measured results are in very good agreement with the simulations. The designed RFID tag has been tested in anechoic chamber, and the unique spectral signature of the tag has been correctly detected. The proposed tag design is suitable for mass deployment for low cost items.
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