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Titolo: Mild alkaline / oxidative pretreatment of wheat straw
Data di pubblicazione: 1997
Citazione: Mild alkaline / oxidative pretreatment of wheat straw / N. Curreli; M.B. Fadda; A. Rescigno; A.C. Rinaldi; G. Soddu; F. Sollai; S. Vaccargiu; SANJUST E; A. Rinaldi. - 32:8(1997), pp. 665-670.
Abstract: A new mild alkaline/oxidative pretreatment of wheat straw prior to enzymic hydrolysis was carried out. It consists of a first alkaline (1% NaOH for 24 h) step, which mainly solubilises hemicellullose and renders the material more accessible to further chemical attack, and a second alkaline/oxidative step (1% NaOH and 0.3% H2O2 for 24 h), which solubilises and oxidises lignin to minor polluting compounds. The entire process was carried out at low temperature (25-40 degrees C) using a low concentration of chemicals, resulting in a relatively low cost and waste liquors containing only trace amounts of dangerous pollutants derived from lignin. Recovery of cellulose after the double pretreatment reached 90% of that contained in the starting material, with a concomitant 81% degradation of lignin. The action of a commercial cellulase on the cellulose obtained produced a syrup with a high concentration of reducing sugars (220 mg/ml), of which a large percentage was glucose.
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