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Titolo: Pseudo Sequential Monte Carlo to plan the integration of RES in Active Distribution Networks
Data di pubblicazione: 2011
Abstract: In many countries, government and regulators lead initiatives aimed at increasing the amount of renewable generation connection, putting pressure on network operators due to the increasing number of connection requests for new power plants at HV and/or MV level. DSOs have to provide to all the customers/renewable generation developers, a suitable connection to the existing distribution network. The adoption of Active Distribution Network management may offer new chances for increasing the hosting capacity of distributed generation and improving the performance of distribution operation and control, but requires the development of new reliability and cost evaluation techniques even more important as renewable power penetration in distribution system continues to increase significantly in the near future. In the paper, a pseudo-sequential Monte Carlo method (PSMC) able to evaluate the reliability of active distribution networks is proposed. The algorithm permits evaluating the expected energy not produced (EENP), the energy that is expectedly locked at any plant location due to distribution network limits, and/or the economic losses for the producer that accepts to be connected to the distribution network being conscious that his plant will be curtailed for network operation security reasons.
ISBN: 9782858731657
Tipologia:4.1 Contributo in Atti di convegno

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