Emilio Ghiani graduated with full marks in electrical engineering at the University of Cagliari (Italy) in 1999, discussing a thesis titled “Algorithms and models for expansion planning of MV power distribution networks with open-loop schemes”.

Since February 2001, he started his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science which he concluded in February 2005 with a thesis entitled “Numerical methods for assessing uncertainty in digital measurements” which focused on digital measurements for power quality evaluation.

Since January 07, 2020, he is Associate Professor of Power System at the same University.

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Current research interests are in the following fields:

• planning and management of power distribution systems

• renewable energy sources and energy storage devices

• distributed generation and Smart Grids

• assessment of the reliability of power systems and smart grids

• EVs and E-Mobility

• building automation systems for energy efficiency

He is author of more than 80 papers published on international journals or presented in various national and international conferences.

He is author of 7 chapters of books dealing with smart grids, network planning and integrationn of renewable sources and distributed energy resources.

He is senior member of IEEE, and member AEIT.

He is reviewer of international top rank scientific journals in the field of power and energy systems (e.g. Electric Power System Research and IEEE transactions).

The main research topics covered by Dr. Ghiani, also in cooperation with colleagues from national and International universities, are the following:
a) Planning and operation of distribution systems : the theme of the planning and development of power distribution systems has been the dominant theme of his scientific production. By applying evolutionary algorithms (e.g. Genetic Algorithms, Particle Swarm Optimization) and multi-objective optimization methods the issues of integration and management of distributed generation from renewable and non- active and distribution networks have been addressed. Some papers have received considerable attention by academic international community, with a considerable number of citations.
b) Reliability of distribution networks: Several algorithms for the evaluation of the reliability of distribution networks in the presence of distributed generation have been developed. Stochastic and chronological models have been developed to represent all elements of the power distribution system, including the communication system necessary for the smart/active management. A meteorological model has been implemented in the simulation tool to reproduce the fluctuations of renewable generation caused by the presence of clouds and to simulate local weather conditions which can degrade the performance of communication networks.
c) Impact of renewable energy sources in distribution systems: Dr Ghiani investigated the theoretical and the experimental realization of systems for assessing the impact of renewable energy sources in the distribution system. He conducted a field test by installing a power quality measurement set-up in a 55MW wind farm, for the measurements of electrical quantities and their correlation with the wind data. He developed an optimization algorithm, based on genetic algorithms, specialized in the placement of biogas plants in Sardinia. Studies have been performed for the definition of optimal design of traditional and concentration photovoltaic power installations. It was developed a study to characterize the performance ratio of PV systems .
d ) Modelling of components and structures subjected to electric lightning : the study of ground systems with high frequency has been a theme of the research activity. The most significant contribution was the validation of the lumped parameter model and the subsequent demonstration of its applicability in complex real cases.
e) Measures for power quality: the theme of the measures for power quality has been addressed by  Dr. Ghiani during is PhD. In particular, the issues related to the use of digital measurements for the characterization of power quality in power distribution networks have been investigated.


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