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Elona Marku is Assistant Professor of Strategy at the Department of Economics and Business, and Research Fellow at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (CREA-UniCa), University of Cagliari. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Business awarded with the Doctor Europaeus label, and an M.Sc., cum Laude, in International Management from the same university. She also was visiting scholar at Columbia Business School (Columbia University, NYC) and Cass Business School (City, University of London).

Her research focused on the strategic management of technology and innovation and the implications of these for firm performance. Current projects investigate the dynamics related to digital transformation and the diffusion of emerging technologies (i.e., Blockchain) at the industry level. She has published in peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Technology Transfer, Scientometrics, Journal of Management and Governance, and Technology Analysis and Strategic Management. She also co-authored several book chapters and conference proceedings including AOM, EPIP, ISC, AIDEA, WOA, RENT, among others.

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