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Titolo: A New Approach for Knowledge Management and Optimization using an Open Source Repository
Data di pubblicazione: 2013
Abstract: The Institutional Repositories (Irs) based on Open Archives represent one of the main free access tools for the results of scientific research, and their diffusion is continuously growing. In the context of the “Analytic Sound Archive of Sardinia” project, that aims to create an institutional archive with a linguistically annotated electronic corpus, this work proposes a new approach for management of knowledge using the tool Dspace (an open source software package developed in 2000 in the context of a joint project of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with Hewlett-Packard): the purpose is to offer an original way to associate linguistic annotations (information associated to specific text portions) to the corpus by treating them as metadata, so as to insert and manage them in the archive of choice after formalizing them in XML. The formalization level of this approach allows for effective text retrievals through a metadata schema and easy, quick corpus interrogations, by formalizing linguistic annotation as a structured metadata schema. There is, thus, the need to have an efficient tool that could classify and store the vast amount of knowledge contained in an electronic corpus of spoken texts of Sardinian language, linguistically annotated at various levels, and that could allow a high usability in terms of ease of reference as well as ease of query and communication.
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