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Titolo: Landscapes in transition: scenery, aesthetics, money, and needs in making wind farm acceptable,
Data di pubblicazione: 2012
Abstract: To detect and evaluate the variables involved in landscape dynamics, a choice experiment approach is combined with the use of psychometric scales. An interdisciplinary approach, that characterizes this study, was necessary due to the psychological meaning (perception or social representation) of the landscape concept. and for the link between perception and behavior (proenvironmental behavior in particular). The research aims to identify factors that explain support/opposition toward a wind energy development project; and to assess trade-offs between attributes of the project. It was found that the visual impact on valued scenery (beauty) is an important factor in the opposition towards a project, and this effect is magnified when identity values are attached to a particular landscape. Someone is however willing to swap opposition for acceptance, if some tangible benefit accrues (economy), in form of private and public compensation. Considerations of fairness also play an important role (needs), as well as the option values related to alternative economic uses of the site (tourism economy). Moreover, it is found that lack of transparency in the information may be a cause of distrust, and a factor of opposition toward wind energy (involvement need in decision making).
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