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IRIS è il sistema di gestione integrata dei dati della ricerca (persone, progetti, pubblicazioni, attività) adottato dall'Università degli Studi di Cagliari dal mese di luglio 2015.

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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)RivistaEditore
Are the Gas Prices Oracle Reliable? A Case Study using the EthGasStation2020Pierro, Giuseppe Antonio; Tonelli, Roberto; Ducasse, Stephane Alexandre Bernrd; Henrique, Rocha
Describing software developers affectiveness through Markov chain models2020Ortu, M; Conversano, C; Marchesi, M; Tonelli, R; Counsell, S; Destefanis, GELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF APPLIED STATISTICAL ANALYSIS
How do you propose your code changes? Empirical analysis of affect metrics of pull requests on GitHub2020Ortu, Marco; Marchesi, Michele; Tonelli, Roberto; Destefanis, Giuseppe; Graziotin, DanielIEEE ACCESS
Crypto-Trading. Rechargeable Token-Based Smart Energy Market Enabled by Blockchain and IoT Technology (................... Rank A su CORE .....................)2020Pinna, Andrea; Marchesi, Michele; Tonelli, Roberto; Pisu, Francesco
Ensuring transparency and traceability of food local products: a blockchain application to a Smart Tourism Region2020Baralla, Gavina; Pinna, Andrea; Tonelli, Roberto; Marchesi, Michele; Ibba, SimonaCONCURRENCY AND COMPUTATION
Software engineering for DApp smart contracts managing workers Contracts2020Lallai, Giorgia; Marchesi, Michele; Pinna, Andrea; Tonelli, Roberto
Message from the Chairs (Editorial)2020Tonelli, Roberto; Ducasse, Stephane; Marchesi, Michele; Bragagnolo, Santiago; Bracciali, AndreaIEEE
PASO: A Web-Based Parser for Solidity Language Analysis2020Pierro, Giuseppe Antonio; Tonelli, Roberto
Applying the ETL process to blockchain data. Prospect and findings2020Galici, R.; Ordile, L.; Marchesi, M.; Pinna, A.; Tonelli, R.INFORMATION
The butterfly 'affect': impact of development practices on cryptocurrency prices2020Ortu, Marco; Tonelli, Roberto; Marchesi, Michele; Uras, Nicola; Bartolucci, Silvia; Destefanis, G...iuseppeEPJ DATA SCIENCE
Forecasting Bitcoin closing price series using linear regression and neural networks models (. . . . . . . Journal Q1 su Scimago . . . . . . . )2020Marchesi, Michele; Marchesi, Lodovica; Uras, Nicola; Tonelli, RobertoPEERJ. COMPUTER SCIENCE.
Implementing a Microservices System with Blockchain Smart Contracts2019Tonelli, Roberto; Lunesu, Maria Ilaria; Pinna, Andrea; Taibi, Davide; Marchesi, MicheleInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
An Agent-Based Artificial Market Model for Studying the Bitcoin Trading2019Cocco, Luisanna; Tonelli, Roberto; Marchesi, MicheleIEEE ACCESS
Blockchain Certification and Granular Editing Permissions in Document Management System2019Pani, Filippo; Ibba, Giacomo; Marchesi, Michele; Pinna, Andrea; Porru, Simone; Tonelli, Roberto; ...Valcalda, BartolomeoSciTePress
Empirical analysis of affect of merged issues on GitHub2019Ortu, M.; Marchesi, M.; Tonelli, R.Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
A blockchain approach for the Sustainability in tourism management in the Sulcis area2019Baralla, Gavina; Pinna, Andrea; Tonelli, Roberto; Marchesi, Michele; Mannaro, KatiusciaFedOA Press (Federico II Open Access University Press)
A blockchain based system to ensure transparency and reliability in food supply chain (. . . . . Rank A su CORE . . . . . )2019Baralla, G.; Ibba, S.; Marchesi, M.; Tonelli, R.; Missineo, S.Springer Verlag
A Massive Analysis of Ethereum Smart Contracts Empirical Study and Code Metrics2019Pinna, Andrea; Ibba, Simona; Baralla, Gavina; Tonelli, Roberto; Marchesi, MicheleIEEE ACCESS
An agent based model to analyze the bitcoin mining activity and a comparison with the gold mining industry2019Cocco, Luisanna; Tonelli, Roberto; Marchesi, MicheleFUTURE INTERNET
A petri nets model for blockchain analysis2018Pinna, Andrea; Tonelli, Roberto; Orrú, Matteo; Marchesi, MicheleCOMPUTER JOURNAL
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