Anthesis in Rosa hybrida


Flowers’ development in phanerogams is a complex process which is aimed at sustaining the plant reproduction. In spite of the deep details about the biochemical (early) events that take place during this process, still a lot remains to say about flower’s anthesis and senescence. In general, an essential role seems to be played by the vacuole and the sugar trafficking across the vacuolar membrane. With this aim, we study the role of the vacuolar membrane invertases RhVI1 and RhVI2 in Rosa hybrida, two essential key enzymes playing a role the turgor’s regulation of petals during anthesis events.


For details, please see:

Farci D, Collu G, Kirkpatrick J, Esposito F, Piano D. RhVI1 is a membrane-anchored vacuolar invertase highly expressed in Rosa hybrida L. petals. J Exp Bot. 2016, 67:3303-12. doi: 10.1093/jxb/erw148.


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