Current position: Associate Professor (11/E3_ SSD MPSI/05) of Social Psychology, Organizational and Work Psychology. Lecturer in Criminal and Forensic Psychology, and Social Psychology in the Courses of Psychology, University of Cagliari. The current research interests include the following: gender differences, sexual objectification, coping strategies and the relastionship with forgiveness in adolescents and adults, risk factors on social exclusion, risk assessment of recidivism, psychopathy and recidivism, process of gender victimization, criminological treatment of prisoners, and strategies and techniques of negotiation and mediation.
From 2014 she runs the Master degree in Gender Equality University of Cagliari.
From 2005 to 2011 she was the Director of Master degree in Forensic Psychology and Criminology, University of Cagliari. Scientific Coordinator of national projects. She has participated in the organization of scientific conferences and congresses at regional and national level like scientific coordinator, member of the Scientific Committee, member of the organizing committee.
Membership in national and international Academic Commitee: APA, SPSP, AIP, ESC, SIO.
Her last publications:
Curci A., Cabras C., Lanciano T., Soleti E., & Raccis C., (2016). What is over and above Psychopathy? The Role of Ability Emotional Intelligence in Predicting Criminal Behavior. Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, DOI:10.1080/13218719.2016.1196642, ISSN: 1321-8719.
Cabras, C., (2017). Trattamento degli autori e delle autrici di reato. In Petruccelli I., (a cura di), Manuale di psicologia giuridica e criminologica. Ambiti applicativi e tecniche di intervento. Milano: Franco Angeli.
Cabras C., Strategie e tattiche per la gestione dei conflitti: dalla lotta alla negoziazione, Psicologia e Lavoro, XLV, 170, 2014, pp. 40-45. ISSN 0048-5691
Cabras, C., Loi, G., Sechi, C., & Mondo, M. (2017). Relationship amongst mood, propensity to forgive, and mental-health problems in female Italian adolescents. Mental Health, Religion & Culture, 1-12. Routledge. DOI: 10.1080/13674676.2017.1412411
Cabras, C., Loi, G., Sechi, C., (2017). Assessment of dispositional forgiveness in adolescence: a contribution to the Italian Validation of the Forgiveness Likelihood Scale. Mental Health, Religion & Culture. Routledge. DOI: 10.1080/13674676.2017.1376628.
Cabras, C., Mondo, M., (2017). Future Orientation as a Mediator Between Career Adaptability and Life Satisfaction in University Students. Journal of Career Development. SAGE Publishing DOI: 10.1177/0894845317727616.
Cabras, C., & Mondo, M. (2017). Coping strategies, optimism, and life satisfaction among first-year university students in Italy: gender and age differences. Higher Education, 1-12. DOI 10.1007/s10734-017-0161-x, ISSN 0018-1560.
Cabras, C., Marmillata, S., &  Sechi, C. (2018). Sexual objectification in education: how do teachers perceive and evaluate students?. Social Psychology of Education. Springer. ISSN:1381-2890 DOI:10.1007/s11218-018-9432-3.

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