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Titolo: Planning the Coastal Zone: A Conflict between the Regional Administration of Sardinia (Italy) and the City of Sinnai Analyzed through Contingent Valuation and Multicriteria Analysis
Data di pubblicazione: 2012
Abstract: Sardinian regional planning is characterized by a deep change that followed the approval of the Regional Landscape Plan (RLP). The adjustment process to the RLP could be conflictual, since cities, provinces, the administrative offices of protected areas , may possibly disagree with the regional administration about the rules established by the RLP. In this view, this essay evaluates and analyzes the degree of consensus of the people living in the city of Sinnai on a planning proposal concerning a portion of the coastal zone. This proposal is consistent with the directions of the RLP. Moreover, it is assessed, based on opinions expressed by the people living in Sinnai, if the future planning scenario consistent with the RLP is preferred to a scenario which follows the actual plan of the city of Sinnai. This essay uses both the Contingent Valuation method (CV) and Multicriteria Analysis (MCA). The CV approach is generally utilized for evaluating people’s willingness to pay for public goods. Multicriteria Analysis is a favorite tool among urban and regional planners. MCA makes it possible to implement decisions that take account of several, often conflicting, points of view. A participative definition of the relative importance (and weights) of the decision criteria is implemented, which should lead to a more-or-less extensive convergence on policy implementation within the city planning processes.
ISBN: 9781614708940
Tipologia:2.1 Contributo in volume (Capitolo o Saggio)

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