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Titolo: Valutazione ambientale strategica e pianificazione del territorio
Data di pubblicazione: 2013
Abstract: The objective of this discussion is to put in evidence some crucial points concerning Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) which are discussed in this special issue of the Italian Journal of Regional Science. These are to be considered a background, non-exhaustive though important keywords, of such essays, even if they express the subjective point of view of the editor. If this is so, SEA effectiveness should be identified by three characteristics: i. its endogeneity with respect to the planning process; ii. the quality of the participation of the local communities to the SEA process; iii. a suitable and efficacious monitoring process. The three short sections of this introductory discussion are referred to these three issues. Afterwards, these questions are presented as tentative starting points to read the essays of this special number.
Tipologia:7.1 Curatela

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