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Titolo: Beyond The Tradition: Test of An Integrative Conceptual Model on Nurse Turnover
Data di pubblicazione: 2013
Abstract: Aim: This paper aimed to extend research on nurse turnover by developing and testing a theoretical model of turnover intention that includes two emergent key off-the job constructs, work-family conflict and community embeddedness. Background: Nurse turnover is considered one of the most significant issues in health care. There is a considerable body of knowledge that has focused on the study of the on-the-job factors of nurse turnover, showing the important role of job attitudes. Recently work-family conflict (WFC) and job embeddedness (JE) have been identified as variables that could help explain levels of nurse turnover. Methods: Using structural equation modeling from a cross-sectional survey, the relationships between the variables were explored in a sample of 440 nurses from an Italian Public Hospital. The questionnaire measures demographic data and psychosocial factors such as job satisfaction, organizational commitment, work-family conflict, community embeddedness and turnover intentions. Results: The findings supported the importance of non-work dimensions in turnover models. Conclusions: The results suggest that when studying turnover phenomena in health organizations, the extra-work domains (WFC and JE) can contribute to a decrease in the intention to leave in addition to the more typically emphasized attitude dimension.
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