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Titolo: On the use of Raman spectroscopy in the characterisation of iodine in charge-transfer complexes
Data di pubblicazione: 1992
Abstract: FT-Raman spectra of some polyiodides and of a series of D.I2 charge-transfer complexes (where D is a molecule containing the thione or selone groups as donors), all characterized by x-ray diffraction, are reported. For the adducts with the thione compounds, which can be considered weak or medium-weak complexes, an empirical linear correlation between the frequency of the nu(I-I) stretching vibrations and the d(I-I) bond distances has been found. Some polyiodides show FT-Raman spectra that are indistinguishable with respect to those displayed by the neutral complexes of weak or medium-weak strength; in such cases, the polyiodide can be regarded as a diiodine molecule, perturbed by an I(n)- (n = 1,3....) donor. Polyiodides of this type show Raman absorptions falling in the linear correlation.
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