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Titolo: Economic analysis of processes to perform electric generation from biomass
Data di pubblicazione: 2012
Citazione: Economic analysis of processes to perform electric generation from biomass / Carta R; Cruccu M; Desogus F. - 4:3(2012), pp. 269-273.
Abstract: This work aims to compare different processes for treating biomass of arboreous origin to produce electric energy. The work is preliminary to the realization of a pyrolitic plant with three electricity generation units with a rated load of 1.4 MWe each. The plant will be located in the industrial area of the town of Cagliari (Italy) and will treat biomass of agricultural origin. The comparison is made with four different technologies able to produce electric energy from biomass; three main parameters are taken into account: the total capital cost, the unit cost of electricity production and net plant system efficiency. This comparison demonstrated that the proposed pyrolysis process showed the best performance with respect to the other competitive processes examined.
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