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Titolo: Technical and economic analysis for the recovery of high biological value products from the cheese-making whey
Data di pubblicazione: 2008
Abstract: The residuals of the milk transformation in a dairy industry are the scotta and/or the whey, depending on the production of the ricotta in addition to the cheese. Their disposal represents a technical and economical problem for the dairies due to their high pollutant content. At present, not being possible a direct disposal, such sludge are dried and used for pig nutrition. An alternative use consists in extracting, from these treatment residuals, high added value components, like, for example, lactose and serum proteins. In the present work a technical and economic feasibility study for the realisation of a plant for treating ovine milk serum is performed. The plant is located in Sardinia. Among the different technologies available on the market the one based on a membrane was employed, which allows the recovery and separation of the different components by means of subsequent crossings of different cut-off membranes. Eventually, the plant initial and operating costs were evaluated and the economic analysis of the investment was performed.
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