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Titolo: Chemical composition of the oil and supercritical CO2 extract of Schinus molle L.
Data di pubblicazione: 2004
Abstract: Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction allowed Schinus molle L. volatile oil to be obtained. Extraction conditions were as follows: pressure, 90 bar; temperature, 50 °C, carbon dioxide flow, Φ = 1.0 kg/h. Waxes were entrapped in the first separator set at 90 bar and -10 °C. The oil was recovered in the second separator, working at 15 bar and 10 °C. The main components were α-phellandrene (26.5%), limonene + β-phellandrene (21.0%), elemol (10.8%) and α-eudesmol (6.1%). Comparison with the hydrodistilled oil (HD) did not reveal any large difference, whereas the significant difference between the SFE and SD oils was the content of sesquiterpenes, which is higher in the SFE products. Collection of samples at different extraction times during supercritical extraction allowed changes of the oil composition to be monitored. Lighter compounds, as hydrocarbon monoterpenes, were extracted in shorter times than the heavier hydrocarbon and oxygenated sesquiterpenes.
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