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Titolo: Advanced random access techniques for satellite communications
Data di pubblicazione: 31-mar-2014
Abstract: In this thesis, Advanced Random Access techniques for Satellite Communications are studied. In the last years, new advances in multi-access communication protocols together with the increasing need for bidirectional communications in consumer type of interactive satellite terminals have revived the interest for a set of schemes able to guarantee high-speed and low latency communications in bursty traffic conditions. In this work, starting from the latest findings on Aloha-based Random Access schemes, the optimization of such techniques and their use in closed-loop scenarios is investigated with particular regard to the Return Channel over Satellite of Digital Video Broadcasting. The thesis starts with a summary on the state of the art of Demand Assigned and Random Access techniques as well as on the recent evolution from the first to the second version of the Return Channel over Satellite of the Digital Video Broadcasting specification. In chapter 2 a stability and packet delay model for channel analysis and design are presented, showing that proper design through this tools can ensure high performance of the new access scheme. The use of control limit policies is also introduced and its use is thoroughly discussed both for finite and infinite users population showing that, differently from Slotted Aloha, in some cases static design over dynamic policies might be preferable if long propagation delay is present. In chapter 3 the same models and tools introduced for CRDSA are extended to the case of asynchronous Random Access schemes and a comparison of the two families of schemes is put in place demonstrating that asynchronous techniques are convenient only when the signal-to-noise ratio is high enough to ensure decodability of partially colliding packets. In chapter 4 a new access scheme currently patent pending is presented. In this scheme terminals access the channel in an unframed manner. It is shown that such a change brings improvements that further diminish latency due to immediate transmission of the first replica and further boost throughput because the number of loops on the corresponding bipartite graph representation is mitigated. The thesis concludes with a call for a new discussion of resource allocation in multi-access satellite communication scenarios such as DVB-RCS2 in light of the obtained results and of the new requirements in interactive satellite networks.
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