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Titolo: Comparison of XRMC and Geant4 on dosimetry applied to mammography
Data di pubblicazione: 2018
Abstract: This is an under development work. The objective of this project is to compare xrmc version 6.5.0-2 to Geant4 version 10.02.p02 and the results of both Monte Carlo tools to experimental data collected by using three different mammographs for dosimetric applications in mammography (external dosimetry), validating xrmc and Geant4 for dosimetric applications in mammography. To validate the quantities simulated was structured a experimental database from three different mammographic equipment (Mammomat Inspiration, Mammomat 3000 and LORAD MIII) of the quantities exposure and kerma, and the calculation of the derived quantities half-value-layer (HVL), backscattering (BSF). At the moment the data analyses are being realized. To evaluate the difference in results due the differences on description of the incident spectra it was modeled spectra from two different sources: catalogue IPEM Report 78 and the spectra generate to Lorad MIII equipment based on model published by Tucker et al 1991. The preliminary results show good agreement between xrmc and experimental data and between Geant4 and experimental data.The xrmc is presenting similar agreement to experimental data as the results presented by Penelope model, but with a significant reduction in running time (in transmission mode it can reduces the running time, at least, 5 time compared to Geant4 Penelope model) when HVL values are compared. We are planning to present the complete set of absolute and derived quantities comparing each transport model (from XRCM and Geant4).
ISBN: 978-153862282-7
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