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Titolo: Probabilistic Planning of Multi-Microgrids with Optimal Hybrid Multi-Generation sets
Data di pubblicazione: 2016
Abstract: The integration of renewable energy sources and distributed generation (DG) has been causing a dramatic change in the electric power system. Innovative network schemes and operation policies have been proposed to help facing the new challenges mainly based on the exploitation of communication and information technologies to increase the observability and controllability of the distribution system. In this context Microgrids (MGs), which consist of a combination of generation sources, loads and energy storage interfaced through fast acting power electronics and operated as a unique controlled electrical unit, are frequently taken under consideration for network renovation since they can increase reliability and resiliency with less network investments. Typically, a MG is implemented at the LV distribution level and it coordinates the operation of little generation units, like micro gas turbines, micro CHP units, wind and photovoltaic generators. Since the EU long-term goal for the nocarbon society is promoting the development of local MGs owned by private customers, MGs will be important resources for development planning. This clearly requires rethinking the operational/planning methodologies to maximize the benefit of MGs. The planning methodology presented in this paper aims at defining innovative expansion plans for MV distribution systems with MGs. It allows the distribution planner to find the optimal development plan of a given distribution network by assuming the presence of private LV MGs.
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