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Titolo: The hemoglobin polymorphism of the Sardinian wild dwarf horse and the oxygen binding properties of the four different horse hemoglobins
Data di pubblicazione: 1997
Abstract: A study was made of the Hb phenotype of the Sardinian dwarf horse (Equus caballus jara), one of the last surviving wild horse species in Europe. Hb haplotypes and their frequencies were found to be similar to those described in the Arabian horse (BI = 0.551, BII = 0.389, A = 0.036, V = 0.015), which suggests possible introduction onto the island from North Africa. The oxygen binding properties of the whole hemolysates and of the four different horse Hbs, separated by ion-exchange chromatography, were considered with regard to the effect of chloride, 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate and lactate. Results indicate that no differences exist in the four components that characterize horse Hb. The molecular basis of the intrinsically low oxygen affinity and of the weak interaction of horse Hb with 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate is discussed in the light of the primary structure of the molecule.
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