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Titolo: Electrochemical treatment of wastewater containing phenolic compounds: oxidation at boron-doped diamond electrodes
Data di pubblicazione: 2003
Abstract: This work investigates the performance of BDD electrodes during oxidation of aqueous solutions of phenol. The main reaction intermediates are identified, the effect of operating conditions on the faradic yield of the process, and the degree of mineralization achievable under different experimental conditions are evaluated. Due to the crucial role of mass transfer in the process, an impinging jet cell is used for the experiments. The results indicate that if a minimum value of current density is imposed, suitable initial conditions can be set at which the removal of the reactant is always under mass transfer control and the process is carried out at a faradic yield of about unity, up to the near-complete disappearance of total organic load. High current density and high mass transfer coefficient must be used in order to carry out the process with high space-time yield. The performance of BDD is compared to that obtained at Ti/RuO2 anodes.
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