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Titolo: Modelling and Predictive Control of a Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter
Data di pubblicazione: 2012
Abstract: A predictive current control algorithm for the Buck-Boost DC-DC converter is presented in this paper. The continuous time model of the system is properly introduced, then, by imposing a proper PWM modulation pattern, its discrete time model is achieved. This last one is successfully employed in determining the steady state locus of the Buck-Boost converter, both in CCM (continuous conduction mode) and DCM (discontinuous conduction mode). A novel continuous time equivalent circuit of the converter is introduced too, with the aim of determining a ripple free representation of the state variables of the system, over both transient and steady state operation. Then, a predictive current control algorithm, suitable in both CCM and DCM, is developed and properly checked by means of computer simulations. The corresponding results have highlighted the effectiveness of the proposed modelling and of the predictive control algorithm, both in CCM and DCM.
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