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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)RivistaEditore
Ignorant Cognition: Limits, Habits and Imaginative Thinking2021Ervas, FrancescaSTUDIES IN PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION
Evidence, defeasibility, and metaphors in diagnosis and diagnosis communication2020Salis, PIETRO MARIA; Ervas, FrancescaTOPOI
How nice does it sound? An argumentative approach to the affective aspects of irony production2020Ervas, FrancescaJohn Benjamins
Logical pluralism and translation2019Ervas, Francesca; Ledda, Antonio; Paoli, Francesco; Sergioli, GiuseppeTOPOISpringer
Introduction: Logical Pluralism and Translation2019Ervas, F.; Ledda, A.; Paoli, F.; Sergioli, G.TOPOI
Metaphor in argument production vs. understanding2019Ervas, F; Ojha, A.Sciential International Centre for Scholarship in Argumentation Theory
Metaphor, Ignorance and the Sentiment of (Ir)rationality2019ERVAS, FRANCESCASYNTHESE
Comprensione multimodale: metafore visive vs. metafore verbali2019Gola, Elisabetta; Ervas, Francesca; Ojha, AmitashMimesis
Metafore visive, comunità immaginate e razionalità differita2019Ervas, FrancescaSISTEMI INTELLIGENTI
Similarities and differences between verbal and visual metaphor processing: an EEG study2019Ojha, A.; Ervas, F.; Gola, E.; Indurkhya, B.MULTIMODAL COMMUNICATION
Language and emotions2019Ervas, Francesca; Gola, Elisabetta; Sedda, Francesco; Storari, Gian PietroRIFL, Università della Calabria
Natura multimodale e creatività del linguaggio poetico2019Ervas, FrancescaRIVISTA DI ESTETICA
Argumentation as a bridge between metaphor and reasoning2018ERVAS, FRANCESCA; GOLA, ELISABETTA; ROSSI, MARIA GRAZIASpringer
Review of Multimodal Argumentation and Rhetoric in Media Genres, edited by Assimakis Tseronis and Charles Forceville (2017). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 301 pp.2018Ervas, Francesca; Gola, ElisabettaINTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF PRAGMATICS
Not worth a thousand words: On the meaning of a metaphor2018Ervas, FrancescaEditorial Universidad de La Serena
Creative argumentation: when and why people commit the metaphoric fallacy2018Ervas, Francesca; Ledda, Antonio; Ojha, Amitash; Pierro, Giuseppe A.; Indurkhya, BipinFRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY
From the “Garrison” to the “Beehive”. Metaphors and framing strategies in vaccine communication2018Ervas, FrancescaNOTIZIE DI POLITEIA
Bigi Sarah, Communicating (with) Care: A Linguistic Approach to the Study of Doctor-Patient Interactions, IOS Press, Amsterdam, Berlin, Washington, DC.2018Ervas, FrancescaRIVISTA ITALIANA DI FILOSOFIA DEL LINGUAGGIO
When visual metaphors are tough but highly persuasive2018Ojha, A; Gola, E; Lai, N; Ervas, FFRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY
Another metaphor is possible. Challenging social stereotypes in figurative language comprehension2017Ervas, FRETI SAPERI LINGUAGGI
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